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Cyberpunk Effect Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial

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making of fantasy cyberpunk effect photo manipulation scene effect in photoshop.
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  1. Rafy A ? awesome video my friend, and thank you so much for sharing this wonderful skill of yours. Since I am not going outside much nowadays ? I have time to try and learn some photoshop techniques, and I love what you do. Take care & stay safe and be healthy ? hey, that goes for everyone here too!

  2. Great video! Been watching your videos lately been trying to learn all of this and find it so relaxing lol It is so weird when I follow a long my images are kind of pixelated making it somewhat hard to find the edges etc. I download the same ones you use from the links you give us. Very odd

  3. Omg. It's so amazing!! I don't know what to say. You inspired me to do Photo Edits on my own, too. Thanks a lot. Tutorial 10/10 | Music 10/10. Keep up the good work!

  4. bonjour  Rafy A. toujours de bonne vidéo  c'est merveilleux se que tu fais merci . j'arrive un peu a te suivre   . pourrais tu  si tu peux rapprocher  ton écran  pour mieux voire  je suis allée dans filtre  camera raw je vois ma l  se que tu fais  les tons , couleurs  même dans filtre   comme c'est écris en anglais et  je suis nulle   .  c'est trot petit  quand tu vas dans la barre  fichier Edition image  filtre  sélection.a part ca sa va le reste   j'arrive  grâce a toi   merci

  5. Really good job man, I like the way you do everything. Simple and efficient. I would like to see you talking and explaining why you do in this way every step. Subscribed!

  6. i really love your work & your tutorials are great! Quick question where do you find the art you manipulate like the first photo of the tutorial (the brick window).

  7. Я не чсв, но я хочу сказать, что умею делать подобное. Поэтому я не могу удивиться, что он сделал такую фото-манипуляцию. А вот идея очень классная. За это респект и конечно же лайк.)

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