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Daniel Brühl on Zemo’s DANCE MOVES! | Falcon and Winter Soldier

ET’s Ash Crossan spoke with Daniel Brühl about his return as Zemo in ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,’ now streaming on Disney+. Brühl opens up about the unique way he was asked to return to the MCU, fan reaction to his return, and why he didn’t think his viral dance moment would actually make the episode!

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 47 Comments

  1. Mike A

    Dudes come a long way from defending that bell tower back in 1944

  2. Collin Watts

    The thumbnail of him at the club had me thinking he was Emo Parker for a second.

  3. Maria Pullatt

    Daniel is so intelligent, well articulated and passionate about what he does. I love how he gives detailed responses while answering these interviews, contributing his own bits and pieces and always so engaging. He seems like a nice person in real life – a warm and kind soul.

  4. Kai Yuan

    Can we just admire the fact that his name is Bruh

  5. Icefy

    Y is Agatha Harkness interviewing Zimo?

  6. Jerre Roodbol

    Can we just appreciate how good he speaks English?! I mean, he is German/Spanish and he is doing a better job on talking English than several native speakers!

  7. Blubb

    Genau das gleiche hat er in Deutsch gesagt. 👁👄👁

  8. Maurice Harris

    @Maroon5 @ChristinaAguilera
    Moves Like Zemo

    Please make it happen 🤣

  9. SuperZlayer

    Jack synder: we are continuing the normal justice league
    Fans: no continue the synder cut
    Jack synder: no
    Marvel: releases zemo dancing
    Fans: we want one hour version of it
    Marvel: you asked it so you get it

  10. Alejandro Vera

    Team Zemo ? Thats a reference to the comic books . If this is right , he gonna make his own to team of people

  11. Franco Abbiatti

    U know what the real problem is? They cut out the rest of the dance

  12. PxL TV

    That role was madeeee for him

  13. zork

    Oh wow he is gonna be in ""All Quiet on the Western Front". Awesome!!! I've wanted them to remake this film forever now, glad its going to get made and glad Daniel is cast in it.

  14. ButterBoi

    I still can’t tell if he’s Mexican, German, American or French

  15. Jacob Stech

    I absolutely love and NEED more Daniel Bruhl in more movies he is so charismatic

  16. Kuan Benny

    This is one of the best villain in MCU, even in the history, this character should have more stories to be discovered.

  17. Infinity Mind™

    I don't really consider Zemo to be a villain. Bucky is a mass murder, and okay he was hypnotized, so cap saving him is fair, but wanting a massive threat to humankind dead does not make one villain.

  18. deadboy x_x

    Daniel Brühl is one of that greate germans who have a greate role in a mcu movie

  19. My favourite Zemo part is him drinking whisky nonchalantly while Bucky, Sam, John Walker etc are fighting the Dora Milaje

  20. Blazur

    Zemo quickly became my favorite character in Falcon and Winter Soldier.

  21. Bruce Lee

    This guy looks like a creepy pedal file even when he is not acting 🤣

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