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DaVinci Resolve Free Video Editor

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The DaVinci Resolve video editor is a competitor to Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer that you can download for free for Windows or Mac. This video shows you how, and provides a demo of the program.

Please note that I have no association with BlackMagic Design.

The download link for DaVinci Resolve is:

You may need to shrink your browser window (crtl minus) to see the download button at the base of the form — it does not appear on all screens without doing this, and you cannot scroll down to it).

If you do download via the above link, and instead navigate to the download page on the BMD website, make sure that you download DaVinci Resolve on the LEFT (the free version), NOT DaVinci Resolve Studio (the paid version) on the RIGHT.

For more information on the program, see my DaVinci Resolve FAQ video here:

You may also enjoy my previous video on Free Photoshop Alternatives:

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This Post Has 29 Comments

  1. I used Corel Video for many years (starting with Ulead Video long ago which Corel took over). Alongside it I used Sony Vegas, the inexpensive version. I liked it for creating DVDs and later BDs. But now I have to use Power Director for it is the only one that can handle 4K videos smoothly. I work with a 4K Sony cam now and use the clips as Videos on TV from a HD. No more needs for BDs.

    So can you create a video on how to create a 4K video in best quality with Davinci? Of importance, I create the videos from photos in connections with video clips. I miss e.g. a standard setting for the length of photos. It is set to 5 sec., but can it be adjusted? One of the many questions.

  2. Comb Filter

    If you haven't got a decent video card, forget it.

  3. ecerejo

    Why people keep calling it free when it limits you in many ways?

  4. Hello Chris. I have been using Windows 8.1 to 10 Movie Maker, which as you probably know is no longer available for new Windows 10 installs. As it seems I'm going to lose it because I have to format and reinstall Windows on my computer, do you have any suggestion of a free movie editor that isn't as demanding as DaVinci Resolve. My PC has Pentium 2 GB RAM 3 GHz 64 bits and no idea how much GPU (most probably very little). Movie Maker usually works well with very few glitches. For the time being I don't need much more than what Movie maker gives me: Cutting clips, adding clips, moving them about, adding music, title, credits and description, saving with and without audio, and not much more. I have 2 other similar PCs with Windos XP and Windows 7, which work more efficiently than the Windows 10 one (terribly RAM consuming BS if you ask me). If there was something similar I could use with XP I might be better off. Or is my only option to rob a bank and buy a top RAM; GPU monster? Thanks for any suggestion.

  5. nick best

    Thank you for the tip … I normally use Adobe Premiere .. I downloaded and tried out DaVinci Resolve. With the help of some tutorials I was able to create, edit and export a multi camera 5.1 surround sound timeline with footage from 5 cameras and 3 tracks of Tascam audio. Very impressive, especially for a free application.

  6. Abs Kul

    If you're getting a product for free, YOU ARE NOT A CUSTOMER, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT!!

  7. Mark Giblin

    Really… 350 odd MB, why is it the file, a zip file I am downloading is 1.6 Gigabytes?

  8. Jakob W

    Is it originally intended for and native to – Linux?

  9. The windows defender had blocked features of this and claimed it to be a security risk 🤔🤔

  10. When downloading and opening the file it says further installation is necessary, is this normal

  11. TheMinecraftNerd

    Is there a comparison for the latest version of the product? Some people were saying that you can't export anything above 1080p with the free version and I want to see if that is true.

  12. Paralleire

    I just wanna know if this safe
    Or if is has a virus?
    cuz my parents would kill me if my laptop ever gained one

  13. Circle

    Did you install Fairlight Studio?

  14. StormYaHu

    Hi from the future! 2019 Haha
    I DL the Davinci Resolve 16 and skip to – click new project, it brings up my video file with videos I've (sort of) made and those files show nothing in them in the project manager??
    So I'm stuck there and can't go any further! I wish you did house calls haha

    Thanks for your time.

  15. nashville

    How many video tracks and audio tracks will one project hold?

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