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DAYTIME PHOTOGRAPHY Portraits for Beginners – Tips for bright sunlight | a6000 + Sigma 30mm F.1.4

Hello everyone! In today’s video, we are going to learn how to improve your Photography in Bright Sunshine. This video is good is photographers and models who want to improve. Big thank you do Ilda for being the model in this shoot. In this shoot I used the Sony A6000 with the Sigma 30mm F1.4. The Sony A6000 is a great beginner camera and a got budget choice.

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Hey there! My name is Oliver, I am 21 years old and from Germany. My passion is all around Photography and Videography. Since the age of 14 years old, I have been doing videos on YouTube and more. My goal is to become a worldwide famous Photographer, inspire others and work with other creative individuals. Let’s create some awesome content!

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. Moisa J Wroy

    Trying to get better to post better Instagram photos, so I came here haha

  2. Natasha Natters

    Great tips. I haven't thought about buying more kit but the hood sounds a good idea for being on the road exploring. Oh, my dad always had us facing the sun when he took family photos when on trips, I was always squinting!

  3. Annee Fair

    I love how the final photos came out! I wish i could be photogenic too like her ,she's so pretty🦋

  4. Paul T

    Great channel bro ! Dankesheun

  5. Elen Smilez

    Great tips on how to protect the lenses & specially trying from all different angles. 📸 👍

  6. MissSara2487

    Great video friend!!! You are so good with the advice you give and the awesome pictures you take !!

  7. Yoko Veenman

    I am new to your channel. I loved the content of your channel. I hope to see more. I already subscribed

  8. My Style My Home

    Now I can get some good tips and tricks for taking pictures. Very beautiful pics you took. Say you dont have an actual camera you have s descent phone …any tips for that? New sub😊

  9. Make it 290 and.+31 from your new friend ,thank you so much for visiting my chanel and give me good push motivation.😊 have a great day!

  10. becca

    so helpful, i love this, your editing is so cool !

  11. haleigh

    oliver, your photography is amazing!!

  12. TinyTrainTrack

    Your channel is going to hit 100k soon, love this. And how do you keep on finding these gorgeous models?? 😛

  13. Valentina Casas

    Omg I love how you explain this!! I will send this to my friend that is a photographer!!

  14. Aileen's Lookbook

    beautiful photos as usual. and how considerate that you are taking care of your model's eyes.

  15. Mey CY

    Wonderful video Oliver! So interesting! 😍

  16. Terrill

    Hey Oliver awesome channel! I hit the sub for you, lets support each other! Like 21 my friend!

  17. Rosecyl Cardona

    Awe…great idea ..thanks for sharing..and beautiful model…new here lets be friend !

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