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DJI Mavic Air 2 – Tips Tricks & Hidden Features | you MUST know!!!

I really hope you enjoyed these DJI Mavic Air 2 tips, tricks & hidden features that you MUST know!!! I had a bunch of fun filming this video and trust me, if I can fly a drone then anyone can!

DJI Mavic Air 2

DJI Mavic Air 2 – Fly more combo

I have the fly more combo and would definitely recommend it for the extra batteries!


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No, this video was not sponsored, but may contain products I was sent by brands or PR companies.

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This Post Has 34 Comments

  1. Rixxer

    I like this video because it is immediately given an example on the cellphone and the results are immediately visible so it's easy to understand, greetings from Indonesia

  2. N English

    Biggest feature is how fast it drains you wallet right before the 3 comes out. And how the "influencers" act like cancer was just cured over a damn toy that will be obsolete this year.

  3. Teo Moreno

    I just got mine 😎 so exited to go Jackson Hole WY to fly it on the grand twrons 😉

  4. Great Hayl !…very comprehensive – much better that other stuff where ( mostly men ) talk to much unimportant things 😉

  5. Wayne Miller

    Just got a Mavic Air 2 yesterday and have watched a few different tutorial videos so far, but yours broke it down quickly and simply. Nice work. 👍

  6. Peek MyPics

    Great Video. Thanks. Q Can you shot a photo Aspect Ratio for Insta 3×4 like in Lightroom?

  7. Mario Williams

    Finally ordered mine, it should be in tomorrow. Thank you for this video! Liked and subbed 🙂


    Hi… My mavic air 2 won't go faster than 25mph in sports mode. I checked and the firmware is up to date. Any ideas what could be causing this?

  9. Janaki Rama

    You should be working for DJI. You are a great presenter with great content. Many of the youtubers talk so much crap. You are amazing.

  10. Michael Morin

    Love this drone I also have the mini 2 the mavic 2 is so much quieter it's a beast awesome video love it thumbs up

  11. André Varjão

    Sensacional o vídeo e as instruções que você fez 👏👏👏.. gostei muito da função câmera lenta, ainda não testei no meu Mavic Air 2. Sua edição ficou maravilhosa.. parabéns pelo belo trabalho. André do Rio de Janeiro.. like 👍👍.

  12. i. Brown Prince

    You are excellent! I just, today; purchased the Mavic Air 2 Combo. I'm super excited!! Thank you for this video👍👍

  13. Eec2021

    You made the greatest Mavic video on YouTube. Bravo

  14. effyou128

    Why is this Moon Bat wearing a mask outside by her self? Are you that Pathetic?

  15. MarvJei

    YEP, after seeing all those amazing edits, shots etc I’m sold. What a great video. You got yourself a new sub.

  16. Wow, great stuff here. You are killing it! The production quality here is so good, the content is good, the music, edit, cuts, literally everything. Congrats!

  17. Nigel K Thomas

    Any tips for stopping the picture, video that is, from blipping and jumping? It’s so dam annoying!

  18. Ay buy a DJI Mavic air 2 is $799 is very cool ay learn so many thank you for posing this video your amazing I'm subscribe to your channel

  19. Drone Upp

    Really enjoy watching your various demonstrations. I have had my MA2 since around Nov 2020 but I don't have a mountain of flights logged just yet. I know the flight features can and do help with excellent photo and video captures. Looking forward to more time in the sky with this fabulous drone! Thanks for sharing!

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