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DJI Osmo Action Tips & Tricks for Beginners

I have put this tips and tricks video together to help those who are brand new to the DJI Osmo Action get familiar with their new camera and where to access some of the most common settings and features. These beginners tips and tricks will help you get up and running quickly and help you get the most out of your new DJI Osmo Action. If you’re coming over from other action cameras, this video will help you get familiarized with how to change settings and access features within the DJI Osmo Action menus

DJI Osmo Action (DJI Website)
DJI Osmo Action (US Amazon)
DJI Osmo Action (CAN Amazon)

Osmo Action Charging Kit:
Osmo Action Spare Batteries:

PolarPro Shutter ND 5 Pack:
PolarPro Vivid ND 5 Pack:
PolarPro Cinamatographer 10 Pack:

Freewell Bright Day ND Filter Set:
Freewell Standard Day ND Filter Set:
Freewell All Day ND Filter Set:

Nice Case for Osmo Action:

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  1. Sean I just bought the osmo action camera to take to this drone meet up in Florida.
    You were the 1st channel I thought of for a tutorial and I thank you bud. You gave me good info and saved me a lot of time in the click menagerie lol.
    Thanks bud. Very helpful and much appreciated bud.

  2. I am planning to buy go pro H9. Now i've seen this review, and the others. I better go for this one. Aside from the price, way cheaper than the hero 9, I enjoy editing as well, footage looks better for me. This is really a good review. 👍

  3. I just got one today as a late Christmas gift and overall it’s a good camera and it fits my needs but Osmo pocket is better for stability so, I gave my old Osmo pocket to my dad.

  4. My DJI Osmo Action died after 3 months. I'm in Thailand and DJI will not replace the camera. This issue is a known issue where the motherboard is faulty and only LEDs light up. You can find the trouble by searching "DJI Osmo Action died" on youtube. In my opinion this camera is Chinese junk! Support in Thailand is garbage! I am a pissed off consumer who wants to warn others of my experience. DJI, you guys suck and I hope you see this comment.

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