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DMX Dead at 50

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DMX has died. The rapper turned 50 in December. His death follows a heart attack he suffered, which was triggered by a drug overdose. Amid DMX’s hospitalization, a rep for his family told ET that he was in a medical state from which they do not think he will recover. On Monday, a vigil was held by the Ruff Ryders to the Rescue Foundation outside of DMX’s hospital. The ‘Party Up’ performer was nominated for three GRAMMY awards, and he won Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist at the American Music Awards in 2000.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 33 Comments

  1. Lagtrix

    heart attack. its the same story over and over again… rip

  2. Hadrorex

    Drugs get them all. Learn and live. Drugs are a loser's game.

  3. Jeppe Severin

    MSM using a celeb's death to sneak in more Covid fear.


  4. M T U A

    How did I find this a month later…man RIP.


    I remember hem in one movie that he said " GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE" R.I.P. Brother.

  6. uhavemooface

    He was 7 years older then I am. I can't believe he died. I didn't even hear about this I had to look up his song and then I read the comments below it and found out. Its crazy how precious life is and if you're not sharp or careful or keep your self away from the stupid life then this happens to you no matter how many times you go to the hospital and get revived death always comes. I know one day I will pass on but for now I will keep myself clean from drugs and try eating healthy. Live life to the fullest is just a stupid saying for so many reasons. You live your life like its your last day.

  7. Ethen Hunt

    Sad man
    A REAL RAP star dies.
    I love metal man but DMX made me listen to RAP .

  8. Steve

    No other man can give it to me like X gave it to me.

  9. Milos Djeric

    drug overdose or covid vaccine from what died many people and celebrities?!

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