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Dodge and Burn Photoshop Tutorial for Landscape Photographers

In this video tutorial I go over some very simple techniques for dodging and burning your landscape photography in Photoshop. These techniques are what I use for all of my own images, to enhance the composition and highlight elements of interest.

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  1. Thanks Michael! this is a great tutorial and it will help me with my editing for sure! Just an off topic question: How do I avoid the "starburst" effect when shooting the sun at f16 or similar in sunset /dawn photos? That's something I'm struggling with because I'd like to achieve the soft glow around the sun, like the one in your sunset picture. So, do I need to mask the "spikes" out?
    Thanks again, looking forward to more tips!

  2. I did not fully understand the difference of transparent layers and the curves. Looks like effect the same. What are the cons and pros of each technique? Probably it will be good idea to talk about pros and cons of similar techniques.

  3. Hello Michael, thanks for sharing this very helpful. At the beginning, when I choose soft light after creating a layer, the image goes very contrasted while in your auto, image does not change. Any clue ? thanks

  4. Very clean tutorial Michael ??! I would like too see a tutorial about color grading photographs. About some different color editing techniques in photoshop & ps lightroom, about complimentary colors and maybe some other tips that can be useful about using colors you know. ??

  5. Great and informative video Michael. I have two questions: 1: Is the second photo a composite or did you shout it in one shot. If so which settings did you use? 2nd: In Lightroom we have the brush which can also be used to dodge and burn. Photoshop seems more advanced with the color selection and blending modes. Is dodging and burning better implemented in Photoshop? Thank you and keep up the great tutorials. They really help!

  6. I was using the dodge and burn tools vs this – with the exposure settings – do you feel this is a more accurate way of controlling the highlight and shadow – vs the regular approach – I definitely like the idea of separate layers that can then be adjusted vs dodging and burning directly on a layer of the image

  7. love this!You make it easy . Can you consider a tutorial on filters w long exposures, and your preferred algorithm for setting the new shutter speed, with filter on, preferably one that is not dependent on using tables or apps that one can easily calculate in one's head, and then blending different images for water movement ,thank you!

  8. Michael, do you ever make an action out of your dodging and burning and then batch process them to produce a time lapse of an image sequence?
    Obviously the computer would take a long time to produce the intermediate files but it would give them an edge. Just curious

  9. A bit off topic. Would you consider doing a video about how you organize and store your equipment as a whole? I am struggling with too little organization. (Sometimes, I order something I already have.)

  10. Hey Michael, big fan of your images. I'm surprised that you don't use the pen pressure feature. That's the biggest reason that finally got me to try out a tablet for editing (which I can't live without now). Mind letting me know why you don't use pen pressure for opacity?

  11. Michael – great video! I do it a bit differently – new layer, fill with 50% gray, then set blend mode to soft light. Pick Dodge or Burn from the menu and use my pen from there. Curious as to the pros and cons of each technique.

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