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'DuckTales' Series Finale Table Read w/ Ben Schwartz, Danny Pudi & More! | Entertainment Weekly

Ben Schwartz, Danny Pudi, Bobby Moynihan, Kate Micucci, Beck Bennett, Toks Olagundoye, and Paget Brewster sit down to do a table read of the ‘Duck Tales’ series finale.

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‘Duck Tales’ Series Finale Table Read w/ Ben Schwartz, Danny Pudi & More! | Entertainment Weekly

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This Post Has 31 Comments

  1. Anastasia Fox

    greg weisman hire matt sam and frank to write a gargoyles continuation

  2. superbanana boy

    I’m going threw after show depression

    It’s just being obsessed with a show that was canceled not actually being depressed over it

  3. Brian Beqiri

    every time I see Kate micucci I always think of the voice of Velma, who else agrees

  4. Blake Hooton

    I'm gonna miss DuckTales the reboot, it's amazing as the original, i'm gonna miss the great all-star cast especially David Tennant who voiced Scrooge McDuck.

  5. Dear DuckTales Cast/creators
    Thank you, for making this wonderful reboot. Thank you for making us cry, thank you for making us laugh, thank you for making us say, ‘wait what? AHH!’ For three whole seasons, thank you for taking us on all of these adventures, thank you for answering most of our questions. Thank you for rebuilding our favourite characters and making them much better and relatable and understanding, thank you for saving those people who went through dark times and look to you for comfort in the time of their need. Thank you for three seasons packed with amazing adventures. Sincerely. The DuckTales Fandom <3❤️???

  6. Rashad Moore

    This show is one of the few great things Disney has left. It's simply everything Disney SHOULD be. I grew up on the original DT, and I was blown away with how brilliant 2017 was. I'm heartbroken it isn't getting another season, but an epic finale is certainly the next big thing.

    Thank you 2017 team, you did an amazing job. I will love this cartoon forever.

  7. K.J. Ming

    I love how Paget just became Frankie Dart in the beginning

  8. Cody White

    For anyone who might be watching this right now, I'm sure you would like to know that the person who plays Cousin Fethery is "Tom Kenny", the same person who plays everybody's favorite sponge dude.

  9. D.O.M

    I'm legit just here for Fenton and Gandra, I need to know what happens, y'all can't leave me hanging-

  10. Enda McNabola

    They could make a miniseries of short films, like Adventure Time: Distant Lands.

  11. Ethan Schmid

    I’m not ready for the reboot to end on March 15th. We need more seasons and a movie to come up after the show, like in the original. Maybe a video game about the reboot.

  12. Paget Brewster is such a mom ??? I love it. They better make Della a long-term character after the show ends.

  13. Hope F.

    Ben Schwartz as Darkwing Duck and Danny Pudi as Gizmo Duck is something i didn’t know i needed.

  14. Twin Yang


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