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Dwayne Johnson's Daughter REACTS to SURPRISE Video From Jason Momoa

Dwayne Johnson made his daughter’s birthday wish come true with an adorable surprise from ‘Aquaman’s Jason Momoa.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 42 Comments

  1. Tracy Trunn


  2. ironfae

    Rock running for office?
    Easy choice!👍

  3. Dee Love

    Imajin the rock been the president of USA..damn…I will be jealous😅😂

  4. BudgetingDee

    If Aquaman sent me a birthday video, I would be in love FOREVER!!

  5. Kai Stockman

    Maybe he can run for California governor against Caitlyn Jenner because she’s Republican. No way I’m believing she changed her views RIGHT before she decides to run. 🙄😀

  6. Carmen Cruz

    Let’s get the rock as the president oh yes I’m sorry but I’m all in 💯

  7. Lisa Lotwin

    A smart leader that knows how to bring in the best specialists together is the ultimate president.

  8. Penni Valenti

    Give me a break, him for President? No experience, not a businessman, no experience in politics, etc. it would be just like Obama!

  9. Take it easy

    Will he give Hawaii back to Hawaiians if he becomes president

  10. daniellanier85

    What a great dad he is and it was very classy of Jason to wish her a happy birthday.

  11. Walter Koziol

    Unfortunately if and when Rock runs for president doors will slammed shut. Just like they did for former Senator Ventura. He actually tried to do the right thing and be honest but the democrats & republicans didn't like it one bit so they blocked everything he wanted to do but couldn't. The something will happen to the Rock if runs as an independent. If he runs for either side he'll still find it difficult to get anything done.

  12. Betty Damn Boop

    I honestly believe he would do this for any child if it were possible 💐

  13. Caitlin Lyons

    I’m Irish and I want him to be Ireland’s president along with the US

  14. Ballygirl886

    I love seeing these tough men with their little girls. It’s so sweet.

  15. Shayan Barani

    I just want Darwin Johnson to play as god of war……..please

  16. This man always trying to have his daughter say he's cool. Dude she doesn't see a hero or a character or an icon in you as lots of people do. She only sees dad. And that should be the best part por you. 🤣🤣. I remember Bow wow, saw this toy of himself in the kitchen and he thought his mom had bought it or put it there. She quickly slammed him. And told him she never got it , probably a friend or something. I remember the sentence " I am not your fan ,I am your mother .

  17. rajeev iyer

    Couldn't believe he is the same guy, who almost killed mick Foley in front of his young daughter !

  18. Tiffany Sky

    I hope a man won’t leave his daughter how Dwayne left his wife, these broken families are crazy these days.

  19. Angela Tyler

    That was so sweet. Happy belated Birthday 💜🌷🌷🌷

  20. IamX Dee

    So cute! When your daughter asked for Aquaman, Daddy Maui had to make a call

  21. Saundra King

    Biracial: Barry, Momala and Dwayne. I sense the acceptance parameters

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