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Edit and Share with KineMaster! #MadewithKineMaster

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KineMaster is a full-featured video editor for Android, iPhone, and iPad. KineMaster has powerful tools that are easy to use, like multiple video layers, blending modes, voiceovers, chroma key, speed control, transitions, subtitles, special effects, and so much more! KineMaster is available to download on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Get KineMaster here:


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This Post Has 30 Comments

  1. Cloud Silva

    My videos before KineMaster: 😒
    My videos after KineMaster: ✨

  2. gnobs blogs

    I suggest, add your own facecam to Kinemaster's apps to be able to video recording for dubbing

  3. Indra Revan

    Thanks, without You guys(KineMaster team)
    I am nothing

  4. islahemashra

    Kinemaster is best my all videos edited by kinemaster only you watch my video

  5. I am sending this to my friend that doesn’t like KineMaster. I don’t know how they don’t tho! The app is AMAZING

  6. AntiFodder

    Kinemaster, I keep having export errors. Do you know how to fix them?

  7. Thiago Cernadas

    Kinemaster mi aplicación favorita y preferida para editar mis videos

  8. I hate kinemaster i export 1 day it say failed to export why? I'm doing it 3 days it can't export.

  9. Indy34

    I used your app and it’s cool!

  10. Xsaturnskies

    I love kinemaster! I use it for most of my videos! I am in love with chroma key! It helps me whenever I want to put in a custom background! Thank you so much for making this app! It's so useful for making videos or editing a video!


    Please stop deleting my videos and let me edit my movie you removed all. My clips and I have to start over again thanks a lot.

  12. RG Edit's

    Pls Vivo y20 device fix bugs issues… Not support layers and 1080p…


    You're the only one app's owner , who reply for comments 😊🤗☺️😉

  14. Andy Plus

    When ever i export it, it always says there is an 'error'

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