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Edit videos on mobile phone with KineMaster | Tutorial

#Megabyte #KineMaster

This Video is Not Sponsored By KineMaster.

A Brief Video on Basic Mobile Video Editing, In This Video I’ve Tried To Mention All Basic Features of KineMaster, This Application is Quite Powerful if Used Properly, You should see if this application can fulfill your requirments,
it is best for Vlogging Video Editing,
Review Videos,
basically any video that you shoot from a camera,
but if you have to create complete raw data from scratch,
like downloading stock footage, then adding too many images
on screen, can be a hectic process,
Keeping in Mind that Editing videos on mobile phone is a
alternative, not a solution, so it has limitations,
though on a powerful phone with sufficiently large screen,
it can work great.

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This Post Has 48 Comments

  1. łūćīfēř

    Bro so much thx bcz of u i can make a video for my family ;-;

  2. Sk Faiz ali

    Bhai apne bilkul detail mein samjhaya hai thanks

  3. Rage Elixir

    My is not going it is saying unsupported support

  4. Kritika Gumber

    Thank you Megabyte bhai aapki vajah se ab mai bhi youtube par videos daalunga

  5. YOU CAN

    Nice teaching hoping for more videos MB…bro on editing video.

  6. Sadeed Gamen

    Bro how you edit large video on kinemaster more than 10 minutes

  7. Rana Zohaib

    nyc kafi mahnat ki ap nao ap ka biht sukariya its vry hlp ful gor me


    Bro montage bananeka bhot man ta apki video dekh ke pata chalgaya

  9. Syeda Pariza

    Thank you so much Bhai I made free fire videos with no editing so now I can make free fire videos with editing so please I am very excited 😃 to get 1k subscribers

  10. DKC mini tv

    Bhai mery phone sy bni video jo k 720p Ki video h wo kinemaster pr jb lati hn tu wo size m bht choti ati h jb k kinemaster ka size m 16:9 hi select krti hn. Phir crop kr k size bra kro tu bht kch kut jata h na beach m sy. I'm really fed up. Please help and guide me 🤔🤔🤔

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