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Editors – Sugar (Official Video)

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Editors new single Sugar is released 24th March. Available to pre-order here:

The track is taken from Editors fourth studio album ‘The Weight Of Your Love’. Available now from iTunes:

Director: Joe Vanhoutteghem
Executive Producer: Eurydice Gysel
Producer: Lander Engels
DOP: Lieven Van Baele
Art Director: Geert Paredis
Stuntteam: Hammy De Beukelaer (Marco Maas)
Editor: Martin Leroy
Postproduction: Moxy
Sound: Indra Sierra

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This Post Has 48 Comments

  1. nick atkins

    It doesn't get any better than this…….. Brummies…… I know arrr…..

  2. J.M. Provencher

    Man…. such a great song you should have held it back for when the rest of the album bombed a dead duck in the ass… oh wait… imho FFS

  3. Mario Barker

    ¿Soy el único ecuatoriano con buen gusto por aquí? 🇪🇨

  4. André Garibaldi

    There are four months that I just discovered Editors, and this video is the first one that I’ve met, I just falled in love.

  5. MsAfrocookie

    Είμαι ευτυχισμένη, γιατί σ'αγαπάω!

  6. Natasha L

    Utwór jest zajebisty po latach kocham go i tyle w temacie

  7. irina khudoeva

    How can you love the song so much so strong that you've decided to make a tattoo with name 'Sugar', you create a rock band for this song to cover it. I love you Editors!!!

  8. Klem Remy

    Is this song from the friggin Queen of the Damned soundtrack??? We got the friggin vampire Lestat making music over here!!!!

  9. Stray

    Well, this sound more authentic than Ian. More like male singer in Dead Can Dance.
    But the song reminds me of an interesting Interpol cover. Beautiful, btw.

  10. Ari Chama

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    With all my heart thank you for taking the time to read my situation, thank you very much, blessings!.

  11. Marsia Bealby

    One of my favourite songs. I saw them live at Coventry festival in 2019.

  12. SaIko_ Chan

    Кто пришёл после фанфика "Меланхолия"?

  13. Jon Markopoulos

    The 1st time you hear this, you say :"WTF have just happened now ?". The same applies also for the last time you hear it.

  14. AbrilMaldonado

    Este vídeo no le hace justicia a la gran canción, se q estan utilizando sentido figurado etc…pero no me importa, me lo imaginaba diferente

  15. danai chris

    Oofff this song gives me goosebumps for some reason

  16. Mehmet Akyuz

    I've just discovered this done today and listened about a 100 times already.. You don't get to hear songs like this everyday.. It deserves a better video though..

  17. Dora Synteta

    The only concert we've missed is the one that had to be canceled due to covid… Waiting for you all in 2021 ❤️❤️❤️ tons of love from Athens, Greece.

  18. One of my favorite songs ever, but there should be a "no audio effects" version, like Tame Impala has the "The Less I know the Better" without intro version !!!

  19. luis porras

    im the only want that thinks this song will work perfectly for the outro of silent hill 1?, this reminds me a lot of the soundtrack from that game.

  20. Darek M

    super utwór, fajna kapela kibicuje jej od kiedy usłyszałem utwór papilon

  21. nicko nicko

    666 dislikes,Satan doesn't like sugar in his soul

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