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Elliot Page Tears Up Discussing the JOY of His Transition With Oprah Winfrey

Elliot Page tears up in the trailer for his interview with Oprah Winfrey in ‘The Oprah Conversation’ that airs April 30 on AppleTV+. The Oscar-nominated actor opens up about the joy he’s experienced during his transition, and what it was like to come out as trans. In an interview with Vanity Fair this month, Page says this interview ‘felt like an opportunity to use a wide-reaching platform to speak from my heart about some of my experience and the resources I’ve been able to access—whether therapy or surgery—that have allowed me to be alive, to live my life.’

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 36 Comments

  1. Marcus

    Both of these women are tools. She could always touch her chest. Do men go around doing it? Not really. We even make fun Captain America when he does it. But I do feel more comfortable calling Elliot an ass now that she thinks herself as a male.

  2. Rob

    Looking like a young Justin Beiber, especially in the face, hair, and posture being presented in those magazines. Elliot seems very emotional, his voice is cracking up, a lot of fidgeting, clear signs of anxiety. I hope it was the right decision, some trans have regretted things after the transition and revert back. I hope it's not an identity crisis, it can happen. I heard so far Elliot has had top surgery, but will he get bottom surgery also?

  3. Ricardo Garcia

    She was so pretty!!! Now its… cant believe what she has done with her body….

  4. Lorna Miller

    People mad about something that has nothing to do with them. Pathetic.

  5. Mung Bean

    Old ellen….such a miserable abuse victim.

  6. Derrick

    It’s crying because it put the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again

  7. Derrick

    She crying because she got a haircut with the Flowbee

  8. Derrick

    She crying because she cut off the only part of her body which anybody would ever have interest in or want to look at

  9. Derrick

    She crying because she got a haircut with the flowbee

  10. BillieEilish Fan

    GUYS STOP ARGUING IN THE COMMENTS! and stop acting like you know everything? Smh

  11. Grammarly

    Unpopular Fact: Eliot Page is still a girl

    First person to get offended in the replies wins the award for biggest dumbass!

  12. That FiFo Guy

    Fucken sad to watch. I sympathize for them having feelings that way but fucken doctors are criminals for taking advantage of them.

  13. alexe fortier

    Imagine being able to be yourself for the first time in your life, that’s beautiful ❤️

  14. Imtubin

    Why do when these idiots start saying they are men, they have to adopt the Justin Bieber look and mentality?

  15. Josh Duggar

    Yuck!! And it's only going to get worse from here on out!

  16. Woodspike

    Last person is want to be interviewed by would be Oprah.
    She's all about the $$$$$.
    I truly believe she couldnt care less

  17. Larry Cameron

    5'1", 100lbs, not a single drop of masculinity… Wants to be called "he". Can we get an extinction level meteor now?

  18. Isadora Moon

    Wow, this comment section is EXTREMELY toxic….full of ignorant people denying that transgenderism is a real thing and overall very mean spirited people clearly enoying the fact that someone is miserable. And there are embarrasing number of people trying to act like they are suddenly proffesional psychologists or something. We don't know if and why he's sad. Transition can be at first sressfull and it can be scary too, not nessecarily knowing how your loved ones will react to your decision.

  19. skedaddle

    Kind of funny everyone calls her a man or refers to her as him. From a pretty girl to a train wreck. That's not a man and I can guarantee she is still not happy with herself. You saw it in her body language. Hormones and injections don't change anything. I swear some people have too much time on their hands so they come up with these imaginary problems and issues. Easy life

  20. Nobody Nobody

    Who knew that to become a guy you have to get a stupid haircut?

  21. Nobody Nobody

    YT won't allow you to comment that its not really a dude 😂👍

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