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ENGSUB Weekly Idol EP509 AB6IX

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This Post Has 48 Comments

  1. Austin

    Donghyun's boyfriend vibe is… speechless.

  2. Om Gurung

    Woong is an amazing vocalist and I am sure that yg and jyp is regretting out there to let go such an ace😏

  3. kelly

    the way i had tears streaming down my face when woong literally poured the water all over daehwi the whole time

  4. farrah who

    i love woong's laugh so much lol he's so cute

  5. Satchiko

    Woong's voice is incredible when you listen to him sing a solo _ Love it !

  6. hey_V

    Woojin: URI MAEUMSUK…

    I miss pink sausage.

  7. amicka m

    why isn’t anyone talking about woong’s song cover!! his voice is so sweet and soothing, i can listen to it forever 🙁

  8. Aurora Kim

    Anyone, can you tell me which one of woong's personal channel ? i cant found reply 1977 😭

  9. vivian ree

    okay but how did he braid that fast like- 😃

  10. I think Woojin has the same top with wooyoung of ateez (last month) for weekly idol.❤️

  11. Kuroshitsuji

    I'm the same with woojin. I also didn't know why I know how to braid. Just, when I was in 4th grade I just started braiding my own hair.

  12. por Iris

    Korean men are transvestites 💄💄💄💄🤮🤮🤮

  13. aldila h a

    others: watch variety shows to watch their idols
    elfs: watch variety shows to watch the MCs
    32:16 eunhyuk I swear you're the cutest😚

  14. Deen Eye

    I died laughing when Woong started pouring the kettle over Daewi 😂

  15. jealousyoonmin

    The fact that I have long hair that I’ve been braiding since I was like 7 and woojin STILL does it better than me just ain’t fair

  16. Lovepebblestv

    20:32 Woojin's innocent smile never fails to melting my ❤. He has such lovely personality which I adore a lot.

  17. Ya Na

    When Hollywood was play I miss him 😭😭

  18. Lux

    Woojin is such a mood 😂 I love him

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