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ENLARGE your photos 4X. New in Photoshop, Super Resolution tips and tutorial.

Super resolution is a brand new feature in Photoshop, that enables you to quadruple the size of your photos without loss of quality. Colin Smith teaches you how this new feature works, shows examples and provides some powerful hidden tips for Super Resolution.


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  1. I need info!! I've been enhancing my RAW and get about 120M. So they can be used in large prints. But most places want only 25-30M when sending in for a photo. When you take that large file and cut it back by ex: 40%, does that ruin my pic?? Is that 30M now gross because I took down by a percentage??

  2. Wow!!! Double the size..shocking news! Must be a first for the industry! Seriously? Ludicrously convoluted usage and absolutely no settings of any depth. One click eye removal is next on Adobe's list…..poor hyped nonsense.

  3. I just subscribed to the latest Photoshop (only a week ago). But I can't find "enhance" anywhere. Is there some sort of trick in finding enhance? Or maybe I have misunderstood your comments. I understood that you could right click on an image that is open in PS and then drop down menu would have a item named "enhance". If so, there there is no "enhance" in my PS when I right click an image.

  4. I have Creative Cloud and All apps are up to date, but when I right click on an image in Bridge there is no option for "Open in Camera Raw". I'm working on a PC, but I don't see how that would matter. Collin are you using a Beta version of PhotoShop?

  5. This is not new for me, I take a JPEG photo, convert it to a TIFF. File, at 16 bit ProPhoto quality just over 5000 pixels; this expands my ability to add sharpness, contrast, color, saturation, etc. but I don’t edit the photo in this format because all the information is still locked, what I do next is convert it into a DNG file, unlocking the photo, this will allow me to manipulate the existing colors That was burned in place by JPEG; DNG file is adaptable to the pixels set on the photo; if I have less than 3000 pixels on a photo DNG. file down converts the 16 bit to 14 or 12 bit dept, if I have over 3000 mega pixels I get 14 to 16 bit dept with sRGB Using light room. Then I burn the photo with JPEG 100%

  6. Great Stuff Colin. Any chance you can show us how to apply this to jpegs of png files. -in baby steps? I can't seem to figure out how to do it outside of raw files. thank you

  7. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. When you run the enhance feature it doubles the pixel size of your file (and you can see the increased size in the size information at the bottom of the screen) — for example, 1000 x 2000 becomes 2000 x 4000. When I run this feature the pixel size remains the same (the size information at the bottom of the screen does not change). I've tried this with RAW files, JPEGS, and TIFS and I get the same results. I've tried it opening files from Bridge and from my external drives and I get the same result. If you have any thoughts about this, I would greatly appreciate them. Many thanks.

  8. Nice if all you want to do is view the images in PS but fail to see how I can then place it in PS to use with my plugins. If I convert it using an outside program it actually ends up being a smaller file…..whats the point if I cannot use the enhanced version to do further work in PS CC ?

  9. Please help me guys ! Whenever i wanna save my raw files photoshop gives me this error " there was a write permission error" …. i looked into everywhere but can not find an answer ((((

  10. Supported image formats for Raw Details

    Raw Details is only applicable to Bayer and X-Trans mosaic raw files.
    Unsupported file formats for Raw Details

    Raw Details does not apply to the following types of source images:

    Non-raw files such as a JPEGs, TIFFs, and HEICs
    Linear DNGs (including HDR and pano DNG images previously created inside Lightroom and Camera Raw)
    DNG proxies and Smart Previews
    Monochrome raw files (such as Leica M MONOCHROM)
    Four-color cameras
    Foveon sensor images
    Fujifilm cameras with SR, EXR, or 2×4 mosaic sensors.
    Canon S-RAW/M-RAW files
    Nikon small raw files
    Pentax Pixel Shift Resolution (PSR) files
    Sony ARQ files

    To be honest this is somehow very useless…

  11. Anyway, I'm making side by side comparisons with the Photoshop Preserve Details 2.0 and the new future in ACR is really similar with that PS algorithm. Great feature implemented into ACR but nothing new, still need 3rd part plug-ins to get really great results.

  12. So did I miss something or is this a Beta version? I just updated to Photoshop 22.3 and there is no enhance in my Menu at all. Also, this stupid latest update permanently removed my Plugins I just paid for (Nik Collection) and there is no way to get them back apparently.

  13. ,,,just wasted $$$ on Topaz Labs GigaPixel Ai? Perhaps you could do a comparison? I have a so many great iPhone edits I would love to print on our Canon Pro 100 at max size.

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