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Ep. 123: Wireless Security Camera for Your RV | Tips Tricks How-To

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While we were preparing to boondock in an area with some unique security concerns, we opted to install a wireless security camera outside our RV. This rechargeable battery-powered security camera is mounted on RV without any screws, holes or wires, uses body detection to record events triggered by motion of objects over 67ºF and sends video and photo to our phone no matter where we are, whether in the rig or hours away. In this episode of Grand Adventure we share our wireless security camera solution for our RV.


* Hiseeu Wireless Outdoor Security Camera


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This Post Has 49 Comments

  1. Great price and great info!! We really need something like this. Thanks for the information.

  2. Her Soul Vacation

    I am shopping for a security camera system. Do you still like this security camera? Have you upgraded your security system? Thank you for your video!

  3. mixflip

    Awesome camera. I wish there was a solar powered camera option

  4. Raymond Newlin

    I can’t find this camera on Amazon anymore is there any other place that I can find

  5. Michael O

    Love this but wish it was bluetooth capable since I don't always have wifi when boondocking.

  6. Rich Hart

    What is the difference between the A10 & C10 cameras

  7. Jaz

    Can you show a wide picture of the camera mounted on your rig? Thanks

  8. Igy The Van

    Can you tell me if there is an option to have an alert sent to your phone when the camera is triggered? Edit to add another question about the longevity of the camera – how has it handled the weather over time?

  9. Steve Brien

    Great info, we've been looking for a solution like this. Thanks!

  10. Gary Mineart

    Almost pulled the trigger on this and then thought "wait, I should get this via the Grand Adventure Amazon store as a way of saying "thanks" for the awesome review!" Which is what I did, and I'm looking forward to its delivery.

  11. Gavin Streetie

    I’ve been looking at different cameras on and off for a while probably not for leisure more for home this looks a handy solution thanks for the demo , I like the connection on the ball joint Gavin

  12. Rob Rush

    Where can I purchase the magnetic ball mount?

  13. lori h

    Marc we just got 2 of these. Love them. We hooked them up in the house to play with. Cant wait to put them in the rv. Will be perfect to look in on our dogs.

  14. Ted Williams

    I just received the camera you mentioned on the video but it did NOT come with the SD card…I ordered one to come tomorrow…just a FYI to anybody getting it from Amazon, be prepared to order the SD card seperately.

  15. Sylvia Wong

    Marc & Patricia so glad your alive when I saw the couple that was murder and buried on the S Padre Beach and stole their extensive RV like yours and Truck. They had everyday contact with friends and family and they called in the Police immediately when they weren't responding. Please have a back up system that would alert the

    Police should something happen to you. Sweet RV couple traveling and hanging out innocent people.
    Please check the new updates on this heanous crime.

  16. Hoss

    What's going on? Are all RVer channels just doing product reviews or some other form of commercials?

  17. Heather Mize

    My area is not a complete trust area so I doubt there are any at all!

  18. Heather Mize

    You must be a genius for sure a good and decent person to share with fellow humans!

  19. Heather Mize

    Cameras even in driving in town and people tricking you and stealing from you is important, as I heard in another full time couple issues, sounds like sound security, and they had issues with there camera so knowing the best system seems important. Also police officers setting road traps, this could be great for litigation issues as well, sound advise.

  20. L Allen

    I would love to have something like this, but wondering how much data it uses when on cell?

  21. Business Files

    Aren’t you concerned someone will just grab the camera & go?

  22. John Eagerton

    In light of recent news reports about an RV'ing couple being murdered and their RV stolen on Padre Island in late October, no wonder you took extra precautions. Stay safe!

  23. J J

    I do not if you have seen on the news, but the Butler's truck and trailer were caught on surveillance video entering Mexico on Oct. 21. Killers made a quick getaway 3 hr drive back across the border. Sad sad state of affairs.

  24. NonRev

    Looks like a great little set up. I’m so glad you moved off the beach part. I guess you heard about the RV’ers that were found buried by their RV on that beach just recently. If not just google it. Nothing about that spot so close to the un-guarded border there looked safe. When you first showed how close , it just seemed like a bad idea. So now a nice couple doing exactly what your all were doing , lost their life. Be safe, looks like a place not to be.

  25. J J

    Speaking of security, have you heard about the couple from New Hampshire that were camping on Padre Island. They were murdered and found buried in the sand. Their truck and RV were stolen, and they have not found the truck or RV yet. Tell folk DO NOT camp alone anywhere near the Mexican border.

  26. M Rose

    I see one negative to this camera's mount. But it depends on how smart the Perp is. Should they notice the camera, it's super easy to… steal. Unless you have the image being saved in real time remotely, you'll have no record of the event. But like I said, they would have to be fairly observant thief's. The best security camera is the one you don't see in plain light. Placing a small sign on the door, "Video Surveillance, 24×7" (with a camera icon, for those that can't read english), can go a long way changing there minds. Stay safe,

  27. Daniel Gill

    This channel is great information resource, great job.

  28. Merritt

    Thanks for doing this review. Your timing is excellent. I'll purchase it through your link.

  29. Spell Madam

    Hubby loved this. He is very security serious. Thank you.

  30. Jesi B

    Great information Marc!! Just what we need!! Thanks!!!

  31. BenNstyle

    Inexpensive solution for peace of mind 👍🏼

  32. lori h

    Great product. Weve been wanting this to monitor the dogs. Thanks

  33. Lady-T Survival

    thank you for the info on that i was looking for something that wasnt ultra expensive to have for exterior security. one question… i didnt hear if it was weather proof. rain ice etc. maybe you said… but i got distracted by household stuff.

  34. David Bennnett

    Great Video! Your Very Clear On All Aspects Of What it Does and Complete Simple Install! Hope YouHave a Wonderful Day!

  35. ExtremeRVing

    Great stuff, finally got to catch up! Have a great Halloween!

  36. Terry Moline

    We appreciate this information and truly enjoy your video's thanks and wih you a great blessed day

  37. Teacher Carl

    Love, love, love this camera. Thank you so very much for sharing. Security should be and is a top concern. I'm just wondering why this only received a 4.5 out of 5. I probably would make some way to more surely mount the camera, just to keep it from being stolen.

  38. Charlie the Tuna

    I like the basis of it however, you might just get a picture of someone stealing your camera. I would be afraid it is too easy to steal it. Can you mount it inside and point it out a window?

  39. Mark Reynolds

    Good info. But only good down to 24 F.
    Time to go skiing.

  40. No Left Turns

    Why not Blinks?
    We own 2 homes and have 5 in each – battery lasts 2 years and they never malfunction.

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