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Epic Cinematic Trailer Music for Video Editing: "Odyssey"

If you want to use this track in your project, you can buy the license here:

Epic and emotional trailer music score. Sentimental piano, dynamic and engaging violin section, powerful cellos and brass on top of deep double bass track and movie style percussion that merge in a cinematic flow of this inspiring orchestral soundtrack that takes your audience on a journey they will never forget.

Similar artists: Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, Thomas Bergersen (Two Steps From Hell), etc.

Licensing and ContentID F.A.Q.:

#trailermusic #stockmusic #epicmusic #soundtrack

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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. WarMotion

    It's form of art. Good work!
    Неплохо сделано. Очень хорошо.

  2. WarMotion

    Rise the Foehn banner! Glory to Foehn! We rise again!
    First colony on Mars. It's good start to Foehn Earth. I build a colony, like a another commanders. I looking on a Earth. I thinking about our rising. I come in my room,turn on a holograf. A hologram of Folknet appears. It's a man,a 25-30 years. In Foehn commander uniform.
    -What you need,Commander?
    -Nothing. Just nothing.
    -So,what's next?
    -Turn on a terraformation system.
    He disappear. I go in barracks. A many soldiers was here. When i come, they say:"Salute a Commander! ".
    They salute me,and i come in room to take a E.V.A. suit and oxygen backpack. I put a E.V.A. suit and oxygen backpack. I come on a Mars land. Walking near colony, i was watching on a sky. It's beautyful. After 30 minutes of walking,i come in colony. And i come,turn on a holografic computer,and i was start to work. Again.
    Foehn Commander, GDI Commander.

  3. Viper2498 Raffy

    Well done man. It does take us on an adventure we won’t forget.

  4. HurpADervish

    Nicely done, Vlad! Definitely getting the Zimmer Vibes 😀 Great job!

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