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Erika Jayne's RHOBH Co-Stars GRILL Her Over Legal Woes

Erika Jayne’s legal troubles and divorce from estranged husband, Tom Girardi, are front and center in the season 11 trailer for Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’ Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards discuss Lisa’s 19-year-old daughter Amelia Hamlin’s relationship with 37-year-old Scott Disick. New castmates Kathy Hilton and Crystal Minkoff also make their debuts. ‘RHOBH’ season 11 premieres May 19 on Bravo.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 48 Comments

  1. Aleesya H

    Anyone else confused by Garcelle’s hair ?

  2. Alexandra Cyr

    It's time for Erica to STFU. Her bullying attitude won't wash this season. Resorting to crocodile tears will be another go to move, as they all do it when confronted with themselves. Just ask Kyle, it works every time for her.

  3. magickalmermaid

    She used to talk about her monthly allowance of $200,000.00!! When she first started on Housewives!!

  4. 1st class bitch

    Erica is mad if you were watching a movie and someone popped off the way Erica does it’s time to leave the lunatic alone

  5. LasVegas Ginger

    Garcell asked "Hows the secks?" hahahahahaha Erica was like, "good" hahahahahahaha- Erica cant do her makeup. its hilarious. Shes such a tacky, classless, liar.

  6. Jasmin

    or what, or what… give me a break. What are you going to do???? Sit your ass down and stop trying to act tough. Your anger and aggression just proved youre hands are not clean. It's expensive to be meeeeeee with orphans money. Denise Richards and LVP are finally letting karma handle this pretty mess.

  7. Gina Ramirez

    Bravo is ok with what has been done to these family with her on the show get her off

  8. steph

    this might be random, but I had no idea who this person was until the lawsuits, and this is not what I expected her voice to sound like

  9. Pia Middione

    Since Lisa Vanderpump is not part of this show anymore, I am not watching no more! Lisa R. is and the rest are just nasty!

  10. Andrea Woodson

    Erika Geraldi is vicious gold diggin liar! 2 private jets lol

  11. Emma Oneill

    Oh god Erika is like a venomous snake trying to intimidate Sutton 🐍🐍

  12. Krista C

    Erica has lots of anger😤 Her true colors are showing.

  13. clrl

    Bring back Kim
    Dish on harry

  14. Laura S

    Erica, no! Nasty attitude! Not ok!

  15. tori davis

    Erica sounded like she needed a claritin when she was so called going off on Sutton. Her sinuses sounded stuffy, especially when she said the last part, just not cute at all. Unless she was obligated 2 film this season she should have declined the show.

  16. Denise Slay

    Erica needs to humble herself she is going to be in a lot of trouble before it is all said and done she should be nice and consider other people feeling I really felt bad for Sutton.

  17. Allinmyworld

    I love Garcelle on the show. At first i thought she was too good for the show but i really love the questions she asks!

  18. Yvonne Pingleton

    Rinna's daughter deserves a Scott kind of guy. Remember how she treated her dad Harry. Nasty to him she was. Scott will dump her when she gets a few years older, he seems to be on a perve roll.

  19. Yvonne Pingleton

    Lisa never grows. I thought for sure as she got older that she would not be so yucky.

  20. Yvonne Pingleton

    Erica is vile in this clip, not pretty Erica. It made you look worse than Sutton for saying anything. Thumbs up for Sutton though.

  21. Jessica Toyebo

    LOVE how quickly kathy protects Kim after kyle made that comment about her not texting back. Ride or die vibes

  22. 20xcountry08

    She wants/needs to keep her full-time status so she's gonna use the divorce since in previous seasons she was boring. I've been over Erika, she's fake af.

    And Kyle sticking to the Kim drama is so annoying, she sounds like a broken record. She's been using that plot since season 1 🙄😒

  23. Terry Maldonado

    Fakerica claims that she didn't know ,but now she does so pay up !!!(B).those poor people need thier money to eat and pay bills Not for clothes and all that makeup she puts on all over that face!!😳

  24. Ashley N

    Ugh just release the episodes… gonna make us wait a whole ass month 😒😒

  25. Alecia Taylor

    It’s funny how Rinna story is always her daughters. Why doesn’t she be the housewife?

  26. T Grayson

    Erica appears to be unbothered by what has taken place it looks like she's living her best life she needs to be put up under the jail.. all those people who are suffering because of what she and her husband did there's no way she could not have known what was going on🧐

  27. Good grief you have to be stupid to believe she knows nothing about her husband's business, why did she react so aggressively she hates been called out that's why. She's seems an awful person, makes me laugh in the past when she boasted that she spends 40 or so grand on looking good, yeh that money obviously belonged to someone else. It doesn't do that much for you Erica believe me, your a middle aged woman get over it. If you looked like Denise Richards you could shout about it a bit more but sadly you don't. Nevermind Hay.

  28. Hassan Hassan

    Yaa all know we know miss Kathy hilton lol mama been famous before her sisters cause I didn't know who kim and Kyle were till the show but we been knew who Kathy is part of what got paris hilton famous is the use of her parents early 2000 we were like oh the rich girl by the rich parents

  29. Tyson B

    WHY is Kathy Hilton on here….??
    So Bizarre….

  30. Ashoikie Saunders

    I like the fact that she said until HE DIED . Like God legit told her there is no way this man can outlive her . 😣

  31. Ramona Gaerin

    Erika just lost any respect she had. Who does she think she is threatening other women?

  32. Mary

    Erika talks like a gangsta

  33. Missy Jennings

    Whoa! Ericka's reaction to Sutton, baring her teeth at her like a threatened dog does!!! Guilty!!

  34. Cindy S

    Erica has very low self esteem.Just like most bullies. Speaks to everyone like trash.To live it up off the money of dead people. Sick and evil to the core ! The way she spoke to Eileen,and many others,I'm not surprised she spoke to Sutton like that.Also Tom didn't have dimintia when he was paying for her entourage, and paying bills for other women. The poor people that can't even bury their loved ones,being robbed by them. Disgusting!

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