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Evan Rachel Wood Accuses Ex Marilyn Manson of 'Horrific Abuse'

On Monday, Evan Rachel Wood took to Instagram to accuse her ex, Marilyn Manson, of ‘horrific abuse.’

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. HateFakeNews

    Hollywood entertainment cultivates, hides, ignores, and always look the other way especially if it might effect their careers. Anyone with half a brain could look at this man and see he’s an absolute freak and yet you still expose yourself to him?
    We didn’t see the hammer come down on him with the #MeToMovement.. most people have a little sympathy of Hollywood abusing Hollywood…

  2. Joann Santana

    I don't care for Manson's music beliefs or lifestyle but I'm kinda on his side. If you saw him what the hell would you expect being his girlfriend! LOL! then you wait for years to call it out. Nope!

  3. grungefreak10

    Manson has a tattoo on his wrist. It's a spiral-heart. Anybody going to look into what that means? I'll wait.

  4. . Its called mkultra mind control. Higher level members of the Hollywood cult abuse the lower level initiates in satanic ritual abuse ceremonies or using mind control methods. I am an sra and mkultra monarch survivor and I was a local artist in south Florida when I initiated through abuse and Masonic rituals. My testimony is on my channel. Hollywood is a luciferian cult owned and controlled by the CIA.

  5. Kelly Cole

    He gets married and all of a sudden she wants to cry abuse? You don't enter into a relationship with MM and expect sunshine and rainbows lol

  6. Why does this all come out know, Trent Raznor is my hero and we all know what he thinks of manson but not going to make my mind up ether way until I get the facts and possible court verdict. I obviously don't approve a sexual assault I smell agenda, hollywood use victims story's to get there gains

  7. Bay 17

    It doesn't take a genius to know that Marilyn Manson is messed up in the head.

    Ask Trent Reznor.

  8. kukloprdos

    I don't normally complain about things like that, it would appear that "Marilyn Manson" was a "culprit" involved in me having some night terrors before, but I have got some clues as to why I got those… Accusing somebody of "Horrific Abuse" without providing what you think were their reasons for doing something like that seems not no be as favorable as accusing somebody and providing what you think was their motivation was… With me it seems like I got some night-terrors from him as a consequence of me using drugs before…

  9. Uchiba Uki

    I don’t like that man even his songs! He looks like a monster 👹

  10. WRO

    Dates a guy who wears full face makeup; expects him to 100% plain normal.
    Next up, who is surprised there's strawberries in strawberry ice cream.

  11. Amie Castillo

    I applaud her but I would want to shame my uncle who when he got out of the airforce and became a fireman. Groomed and molested me well saying no one will ever believe u.
    I was between the ages of 10-11 1/2 years old then finally got to move back with my mom and her parents. I feel he would have continued if it wasn't for my move back.
    We as a society need to listen to our children and hear them.

  12. Nelson

    The fact that someone who dated and married Marilyn Manson struggled with 1:22 at one point surprises absolutely no one.

  13. Nelson

    The fact that someone who dated and married Marilyn Manson struggled with 1:22 at one point surprises absolutely no one.

  14. I bet she liked the "abuse" at the time she was with him. Things got kinky and crazy, and she realized that she had bit off more than she could chew. I am not saying abuse is ok or anything like that at all, but people put themselves in certain situations, they think they can handle, but realize too late that they can't. I'll bet she is saying he said things , and she taking them completely out of context. Maybe not, but even Rose McGowan said, he was a gentleman!! Could he have a temper , say when he's downing absinthe and doing blow, yeah could be! He comes from a long line of artists like Picasso, Salvador Dali , etc. who were basically assholes , the artistic temperament is real, but they were benign assholes. Never did actual harm to anyone. How do I know? I have known artists who's behavior verged on the edge of being abusive but were not really. Sadism is different from abuse. Consent is involved. Some women get off on being the victim, "rape me" 's who like it rough. Ever see the movie "Choke"? There's a girl who tells this guy , who's a bit of a perv. to come over to her house and rape her. Rape is no joke, it is wrong, it is violence not sex, but I just have to wonder if this isn't just some gal looking for attention. They are the worst women out there. IDK, but as creepy as Manson can come off, I don't think he would rape someone. Then again, he's pals with Johnny Depp, and he's been accused of basically being a mean drunk, so who knows. IDK but she seems kind of off. Don't know these people personally, but I know the types. Drama drama drama.

  15. Iris Friesen

    Evan Rachel Wood's is gorgeous and talented. No reason to lie.

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