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Explode Shake Effect || Aligt Motion Video Editing Tutorial


Hai friends, Welcome to my channel The Lensographer. Here I am sharing the trick of Trending whatsapp status , with the help of Alight Motion, Watch the video to get the tricks behind the Trending whatsapp status. Thank You 😊

Alight Motion Latest Version –

All Materials Telegram Link –

All Materials Mediafire link – Explode Shake Effect

BGM Telegram Link –

BGM Media fire link –

Trending 3 Layer Ink Splash –

3D Flip Lyrical Video –

Black & White To Colour Wipe Effect –

Trending Glow Scan Effect –

Video With Smooth Sliding Image –

Black & White To Colour Convertion. –

Smooth Lyrics Transition –

Bouncing Beat Effect –

Electro Pop Trending Effect –

Zip Opening Effect –

Alight Motion Tunnel Effect. –

Butterfly Colour Changing Blink Effect –

Opposite Moving Animation –

Bend Effect Lyrical Video –

Neon Heart Status –

Flash Warning –

Trending Colour Changing With Auto Shake –

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