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Fantasy Road With Circles Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial

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making of glowing circles on the road fantasy photo manipulation scene effect in photoshop.
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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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  1. 2:20 sir although following your all steps one after another, brush tool is not applying to the photo, curves 1 layer is also selected but still brush tool is not applying, leave glowing effect. Please anyone help.

  2. I am one of your followers and I am from the Arab world and I want to tell you that I am benefiting from you very, very much and I am learning from you, Photoshop continues my hero

  3. I wonder, how could you make all this amazing manipulation! Did this all come in your dream?
    Cause i dreamt so many fantastic view,used to call them my sci-fi dreams. Now you are inspiring me to bring those dreams into the canvas. I wish i could create like you.

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