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Film and Video Editing Career Overview Interested in becoming a film and video editor? Watch this video to learn what a career in video editing is really like. Provides an overview of the working life of a film and video editor.

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This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Duncan Scoots

    i dont know if i want to become a video editor or filmer. Editors usually get paid more (i think).

  2. Miles Jordan

    Actually, a tool is more important then many try to think. Ive worked with sony vegas for years and I cant get the same amount of special effects as I would get from After Effects

  3. TrumpetBrony

    As it's been said before, the tools mean nothing. it's your ability to use them.

  4. Miles Jordan

    Indeed they are. Out of all of them I prefer Sony Vegas and After Effects.

  5. Miles Jordan

    Actually AVID is a very professional program and used often in commercials and movies. AVID and Final Cut Pro are the two most professional editing softwares.

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