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Filmmaking 101 A Beginners Guide

Beginner’s Guide to Filmmaking Ebook :

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What’s In my Camera Bag
Bag: [Amazon]
Camera 1: [Amazon]
Camera 2: [Amazon]
Drone: [Amazon]
50mm 1.2: [Amazon]
Canon 70-200: [Amazon]
Canon 100mm: [Amazon]
Canon 10-18mm: [Amazon]
Rode Mic Pro: [Amazon]
Rond Wireless Mic: [Amazon]

My Gear
My Drone: [Amazon]
My Camera: [Amazon]
My Lighting: [Amazon]
My Microphone: [Amazon]

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  1. Funny guy. Thanks for the video. I have ordered a Sony HRX-MC2500. Basically a camcorder in a big body, but it hasn't got touch screen, which was a bonus for me. I just wanted something decent for my Youtube channel. This is my first video camera, and I have no idea how to operate it (or any other camera), as I am always on the other end. Your tips are good, sound advice and I appreciate any information.

  2. Thanks, man! I've been making videos since I was in 8th grade but I'm self-taught and I put the camera down for a while. I'm jumping back into video making but I'm in that gray area where I know a lot but I need to know more, and I don't know where to start. This video helped guide me in the right direction. You're awesome Dude!

  3. Many thanks, Brandon Washington, for a great video for beginners, such as myself. Congratulations on your e-merchandise. I don't understand the "Frames per….." Second? But having completed Photography Level 2, I do understand what you are talking about with Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO. Great tips about lighting and additional sound for background. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE (X7). Not said often enough. My name is MARY MAGDALENE and I am wanting to shoot some Spiritual short films. Blessings and keep up the good work. MM/FSC.

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