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Flash Photography for Beginners | FREE COURSE

During this lighting course, Brandon Heiss (President at Westcott) discusses the basics of flash photography.

Westcott is a leading innovator of photo and video lighting solutions for professionals and enthusiasts. Subscribe to be the first to see exclusive behind the scenes videos with lighting tips from top pro photographers and filmmakers.

Here, you’ll find how-to videos, lighting tips, and overviews on strobes, speedlite modifiers, reflectors, scrims, and more. New videos are added frequently to help our fans perfect their craft! Find more tips, articles, and photo galleries at​. Learn about Westcott gear by visiting​.

Course Breakdown
0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:04 – What is High-Speed Sync?
0:02:11 – What is TTL?
0:02:38 – What is Recycle Time?
0:03:07 – What is Ambient Light?
0:04:05 – What are Groups and Channels?
0:05:36 – Class breakdown & topics covered
0:06:40 – Importance of Lighting
0:07:52 – When do you use lighting?
0:09:12 – Hard Lighting & Soft Lighting
0:14:04 – Hard Light vs Soft Light: Photo Examples
0:18:00 – How much flash power?
0:22:47 – Understanding Fill Lighting
0:35:20 – Issues with Using Flash (Incorrectly)
0:37:29 – How can we improve flash?
0:37:59 – How to bounce flash
0:43:59 – Why you should take the flash off of your camera?
0:46:18 – Using Modifiers with Flash
0:47:45 – What is an Umbrella modifier?
0:49:39 – What are the Rapid Box Modifiers
0:51:16 – What are the Apollo Modifiers?
0:54:03 – Why Use Grids?
0:55:05 – Diffusion Layers in a Softbox
0:56:55 – Feathering the Light
0:58:04 – Feathering Light: In Use
1:00:22 – Using a Hair/Edge Light
1:06:49 – Breaking Down One Light Photos
1:11:46 – TTL vs Manual
1:13:47 – TTL to Manual on the FJ Wireless System
1:17:09 – How to use TTL/Manual
1:22:46 – Getting Creative with Flash

#photography #fj80 #fj200 #fj400

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  1. I noticed throughout the video, you never talked about the modeling light or how to use it. This is something of great interest to me as most lights have a 150w bulb which will show how your light is hitting the subject, at least in a studio environment. Could you amend this video showing the use of the modeling light?

  2. Thank you for creating this video. This is what I’ve been looking for. I’m doing research on my next lighting setup and the FJ200 & FJ400 looks great.

  3. Hi from South Africa. Thanks very much Brandon for explaining everything so well and for the very helpful practical demonstrations. I learnt a huge amount and am so motivated to go and try things out. All the best

  4. Thank you Brandon, for breaking up your presentation into sections and for providing time stamps. That's the kind of respect I appreciate in all tutorial videos. I don't want to watch an 8 hour 30 minute video just to get the answer to 1 question really. Great video.

  5. Hi Brandon. Lovely video on Flash photography. I really liked it and understood so much from it. I have a Godox AD 200 pro. and an Xpro C for a flash trigger. But whats important are the techniques learnt today in this course. For starters One speed light and 1 shoot thru umbrella is more then sufficient.

  6. For the first time in my life, I have actually been able to learn and understand the fundamentals of using light with strobes. Thank you very much!!!

  7. Thank you Brandon. This is the BEST course on flash photography I have seen. Brandon knows his stuff but has the rare gift of being able to reduce complexities to simplicities. Most "coaches" seem to be more concerned about showing everybody how much they know rather than helping their students to become better photographers.

  8. When taking a photo of a person do you expose for the sunset the add flash? For best exposure? Or how do you know what the ambient settings are to set the camera?

  9. love the fj80 touch screen brilliant idea just wish I got it before invested in godox . great training video, the control is using touch screen seems so much easier if implemented right.

  10. I know most of what you are teaching but this video allows me to put things in better context with more understanding of lighting.
    I wish other flash manufacturers did the same thing.
    Kudos to you.👍👍👍😀

  11. I have the FJ400 Bundle (two lights + X2M) Can I only use the gels without a modifier (I have Rapid Octa-M and 3×4) of can I combine them? I want to get the softer light with an CTO gel glow? Do you have to go with a tape on filter and not use what comes from Westcott??

  12. Hey, Brandon…looking for a flash to put inside my photek softlighters (36" & 60")…what is the diameter of the FJ 200?…can't find it anywhere online…thanks

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