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Freddy Carter live with Entertainment Weekly

Freddy did a live on Instagram today with Entertainment Weekly.

But since a lot of you probably don’t have Instagram, or didn’t manage to watch it, we are uploading the whole live here.

We hope you like it.

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. yam

    no one:
    literally no one:
    freddy in every interview: …and the first sentence is…kaz brekker didn't need a reason

  2. Nehal Malhotra

    I can't put this into words but i am really really grateful to you

  3. S H

    Hes so sweet 🥺💗

  4. Nikol M.

    Freddy is such a sweet person and the interviewer was so nice as well. Loved the whole video!

  5. Jane Cousins

    Thanks so much for uploading this! Awesome interview, Freddy’s eloquence is 👌

  6. I have a weird wish to hug Freddy's voice… It's just so cute 😭♥️😍
    He's a baby!.

  7. Yellow Streamers


  8. emma cohen

    U r the best fan account ever, thank u sm😭❤️❤️❤️❤️ fred is so lucky to have u😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Lucia Rodriguez

    Thank you for posting! We can never have enough of Freddy's amazingness 😍

  10. Scarlett Pay

    Yes! I was looking for this!! Does anyone know who Amita did an interview with?

  11. Layla Wheldon

    I love him as Kaz, he was just perfect 😍
    He is so happy 🥰
    Thanks for uploaded that interview 😊

  12. I couldn’t watch this live as I had to work 😅 Thank you so much for uploading this! ❤️

  13. Nora Jay

    you are the best! thanks for posting!!

  14. Holly Bursey

    Thank you so much! Was so sad I missed this being at work! And also yay for removing the comments blocking his face!

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