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Free Beginners Digital Photography Class #1! Basic Intro to your Camera & 10 TIPS you can use NOW!

Join artist Michael Markowsky LIVE and learn how to use your digital camera to take better photos! (FYI: The audio cuts out toward the end and is restored at 1:30:02).

These online classes are offered to everyone for FREE! If you feel that they have been particularly valuable and would like Michael to know, you are welcome to send him as little as $1 directly via and support his work via

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Image in the thumbnail is a photograph Michael took of the Pesuta shipwreck on Graham Island in Haida Gwaii, BC.

––– TIMELINE ––––

– 4:10 – Class Begins. Intro to class and structure
– 6:20 – Who I am as a teacher, 10 years of teaching this class.
– 8:48 – Types of Cameras: Point and Shoot, Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) and Mirrorless
– 11:48 How photographs are made
– 15:08 What is a camera?
– 17:57 The invention of lenses

– 19:29 Show the inside of the Canon and Nikon cameras, which are Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras (aka “DSLR”)
– 25:44 Show the inside of the Fuji, which is a Mirrorless camera
–27:50 How to tell the difference between a “DSLR” and a Mirrorless camera.
– 29:25 Should I buy a “DSLR” or Mirrorless camera? Here is the answer!
– 30:49 My “Titanic” analogy when it comes to “DSLR” vs Mirrorless
– 32:40 If you don’t have a camera right now, what should you get?
– 33:35 PURCHASE TIP #1 : “The best camera is the camera you have right now.”
– 34:45 People get obsessed with buying the latest gear, but the reality is that you can take amazing photos with the camera you have now. I encourage you to use your current camera for this course.
–37:08 Can I take this class with an iPhone?
–37:48 Throw away your camera bag. Take your camera with you to the grocery store and document your life dealing with life in quarantine!
– 43:25 Find out the Make and Model of your camera (in this case I have a “Canon T5i”).
– 44:24 Take the lens cap off, and leave it at home. Buy a “lens hood” if you are afraid of it getting scratched
– 46:58 PURCHASE TIP #2 : Buy a 50mm lens for your camera, as your “kit” zoom lens is
– 48:56 Difference between an image on an iPhone 7 and Fuji X-T3 with a 56mm F1.2 lens.
– 52:50 Tour of your camera
– 53:10 Turn on Auto Focus
– 54:10 Turn on Image stabilization too if you have it
– 54:28 Auto focus assist illuminator
– 56:15 PURCHASE TIP #3 : Buy a tripod, even a cheap, small one.
– 58:10 Turn mode dial to “Auto-Flash Disabled Mode” to take photos without the flash.
– 59:50 Take a picture by pressing the “Shutter Release Button”
– 1:00:35 Press the “Play” button to review your photos
– 1:01:05 Zoom IN to the image using the Magnifying glass button, and check to see if people’s eyes are in focus!
– 1:03:28 Zoom OUT to see many images on the screen at one time.
– 1:04:55 Delete photos by pressing “Garbage can” icon, and edit some photos out of your camera before transferring them onto your computer.
– 1:05:58 SD Cards for the camera
– 1:06:45 PURCHASE TIP #4 : Buy an extra battery
– 1:07:38 PURCHASE TIP #5 : Buy an extra SD CARD and external hard drive, and back up photos after EVERY session if you can.

– 1:08:10 #1 Get out your instruction manual, and/or download the PDF version and install it on your phone, tablet and computer.
– 1:11:20 #2 Watch a video someone has made a showing a basic introduction or tutorial to YOUR camera.
– 1:13:28 AUDIO CUTS OUT! No audio for 15 minutes!
– 1:30:02 AUDIO IS RESTORED! I repeat everything I just said… Peter McKinnon and Kai W make great YouTube videos about photography and cameras
– 1:31:10 #3 “Zoom with your feet”
– 1:33:20 #4 Changing your point of view by raising or lowering the camera
– 1:34:38 #5 Take photos of children and pets at THEIR “eye level”
– 1:36:50 Go over viewer questions (I suggest renting lens to try them out)

– 1:41:28 Take photos from different points of view, upload them to Twitter and tag me
–1:44:47 END

This video was live streamed using the SlingStudio wireless broadcasting system. The primary front facing camera is the iPhone 7 along with the iPhone 8+ as the overhead camera. Both smartphones using SlingStudio Capture app. The other front facing camera is a Fujifilm XT3 with a 56mm F1.2 lens. Using the iPad Pro (2018) for switching using the SlingStudio Console app.

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