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From beginners to expert | How to do PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY AT HOME (in 10 minutes)

From beginners to expert | how to do PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY AT HOME (in 10 minutes)

As we all know, a single photo SHARED on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter can make or break a small business in ways of determining if customers would even be interested in making a purchase.

So in this simple product photography video, I’m showing the behind the scene look on I do product photography at home. I know starting out, with any business or brand product photography tutorials are perfect for beginners that might be interested in my process in how I take brand product photography images at home using a Canon SL2 Rebel camera.

Learning the littlest product photography techniques from lighting to camera setup can my the biggest difference in how well your shots come out especially for hair businesses or hair companies who has started a business online, but looking to stand out from the crowd using quality images, builds trust in your brand.

But I also know for some, learning how to do product photography at home, might not be possible starting out, however there are plenty of good resources on you tube to find product photo tips or product photography at home tricks for beginners that will work for you starting out. I just hoped this video helped!

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