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GET HIGH QUALITY YOUTUBE VIDEOS WITH THESE TIPS! *Beginners*(Camera Settings/Lighting)|Annesha Adams

How to improve youtube video quality with these camera settings. Youtube videos become more sharp and the background is more blurry. How to make your camera show its true color and not make you look orange/yellow. How to use your dslr camera so you are able to have the best quality that you can do.

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Theweirdo Ag

    tbh everyone on youtube makes apeture and iso and shutter speed so hard for me to understand but i understand it better after u explained it

  2. Divas Glam TV

    Hun thanks for sharing this you're so real plz what picture style do you use and white balance plz that’s the problem I’m having pls help

  3. Kay Doll

    Only video I came across with good info and short and sweet
    I hate having to watch a long intro before getting to the point.

  4. Sofia

    this helped me so much!!

  5. Esther Love

    Yassssss I’ve been waiting for this video 😍

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