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Gillian Anderson Reacts to Alec Baldwin Tweeting About Her 'Switching Accents' (Exclusive)

ET’s Lauren Zima caught up with Gillian Anderson before the 2021 Critics’ Choice Awards, which aired March 8 on The CW. Anderson was nominated for ‘The Crown’ and reflected upon her win at the Golden Globes. She also responded to the controversy surrounding Alec Baldwin’s tweet about her ‘switching accents.’ The 52-year-old actress was born in Chicago and moved to London when she was 5. When she was 11, she moved back to the United States and lived in Michigan, spending enough time in both the U.S. and Britain to become accustomed to both accents, per The Guardian.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 47 Comments

  1. LG

    come on, people. we all have ONE accent. the rest is bullshit. VERY annoying-a.

  2. Starch Wreck

    Wait… Do People even care what Alec Baldwin says? Why? Hes kind of a garbage human. Same dude that calls his daughter a pig and blames her for his garbage personality. Who cares.

  3. u2uuba

    Gillian Anderson’s a fab actress .. no doubt .. she’s deserves to win lots of stuff ..

    But the other lady (Alec’s wife) does not deserve to be compared negatively against Gillian .. that’s just pointless BS

  4. s marie

    Alec Baldwin's wife faked being latina and pretending to not know English words. Alec needs to check is wife and leave others who don't lie about their ethnicity alone.

  5. Joo Ki

    I switch accents like that "snaps fingers* haha. What's the big deal? I grew up speaking so many different accents and languages. As she said, it depends on who we're talking to, the switch happens naturally.

  6. 1205 Creative

    I like Gillian Anderson and Alec Baldwin, I hope they work this out. Kind of a dumb thing to have a dispute over.

  7. Elizabeth Anne

    Actually no one cares about entitled rich people getting awards anymore!!

  8. GiftSparks

    Here is the difference. Gillian changes her accent depending on the accent of the person to whom she is speaking. If she speaks to a British person, she speaks with a British accent. If she speaks to an American, she speaks with an American accent. It’s the same thing as speaking a common language with a person. In Contrast, Hilaria Baldwin— (a native English speaker BTW) changes to Spanish-accented English so as to be DIFFERENT from the person to whom she is speaking.

  9. Chad

    He thought he was a boss with his Trump impressions , did he ever imagine that scully from x files would cancel his Twitter ? 😂😂😂

  10. Kai Outlaw

    It's called code switching, alec. People that actually live in multiple places have that. Your wife is just a fraud. Get over it

  11. Kev Ock

    Feel in love with Gillian Anderson on the first show of X Files and been a huge fan since, I don’t give a flying F what accent she as she is drop dead gorgeous.

  12. Lea Shimanek

    I just watched 10mins of this interview for the 10secs I clicked for but Gillian Anderson is just so lovely, I can’t be that agitated.

  13. Irock 56

    Why is it okay for her but the media butchered his wife for the same thing. Medias fickleness

  14. Victor DeMarco

    I have never heard Gillian go between accents, but i have seen and heard Hillary Baldwin( or Hilaria) PRETEND to forget how to pronounce the word cucumber in english. I mean how embarrassing is that. But, Alec is standing by his wife and that's nice of him, but it's just so cringy.

  15. country

    So 5yrs in england..sorry you'd lose rhe accent especially because she was in school.for 8 more years in america

  16. Mark Peters

    Gillian was OUTSTANDING as Thacher in THE CROWN . Truly an award winning performance if there ever was one ! Brava !

  17. Humberto Correa

    I was born in Spain and had to go speech therapy to speak without accent in USA

  18. sheffield99

    How ironic that Alec Baldwin picked up on the change of accent considering the scandal surrounding his Wife.

  19. Sabes Que

    I liked how she politely shut the interviewer down "it's so not a newsworthy item".

  20. Nori Jean

    It's that serious lady from The Crown, she looks so pretty in real life 😍

  21. GVSolo

    Alec Baldwin shouldn't be talking about other's peoples' accent considering the fake he has for a wife.

  22. 1027 EastSide

    She seems a lot more relaxed with press and stuff as she’s gotten older. I recall back during XFiles heyday she didn’t have the best reputation for her personality. People would say she was cold and somewhat negative and I think some guest actors on the show complained about her bad attitude, and she was less than gracious with fans. If it’s true, perhaps she’s mellowed out.

  23. Pamela Hermano

    I love Gillian. She’s one of the rare actors/actresses that don’t feel the need to lecture people on her politics.

  24. I grew up between Argentina and Australia. My English and Spanish are fluent. I don't have any accent in English. But my Spanish varies a bit sometimes. Like my San Juan accent is different to my accent when I'm in the city of Buenos Aires. I can't help the fact that it sort of changes a bit after spending time in a place, it is subconscious from my childhood having lived in both I just tend to adapt according to my environment. I can understand Gillian Anderson. Hilaria Accent on the other hand seems fake, however I will say that I've heard her Spanish and I must say her Spanish is good so it is clear she did spend a lot of time there. Don't know why she felt the need to lie but I don't think it is news worthy either

  25. Travis H

    Damn lol "I'm sad that it caused him so much distress." Love that

  26. Jeff Matthew

    Even though she sounds mostly American in this interview, her British accent slips out here and there. It's clearly involuntary.

  27. Elena 9.7.

    Gillian is pure love, deserves all the good in the world❤️✨

  28. O E

    Baldwin isn't a smart Alec.

  29. Gateaux Q

    The british accent and pronunciation subconsciously slipping in while talking about The Crown-you can’t fake that. She’s so wonderful.

  30. Shams

    oooooh she said labotomy…seems like a bit of Scully came through.

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