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GNEVE – GNU Emacs Video Editor mode demo

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GNEVE – GNU Emacs Video Editor mode demo

Demonstration video on GNEVE in action.

GNEVE Homepage:

GNEVE is an extension for GNU Emacs to provide flexible EDL (Edit Decision List) video editing facilities as part of a free, multimedia production toolchain. GNEVE is under active development, currently with three developers working towards a first beta release. GNEVE depends on the freely available MPlayer software for previewing, and the latest, free MLT framework/video editor for EDL processing. The software is keystroke driven, with flexible preview and render functionalities. GNEVE is written in Emacs Lisp, and runs on GNU/Linux.
Developers: Martin Howse, Arnold Mátyási, Gábor Török

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This Post Has 14 Comments

  1. vince94

    Oh man this looks like a nightmare to use but I bet it's good if you only need to do really rudimentary stuff
    Also deinterlace your video ya dingus ;D

  2. MrPlayerAAA

    @pughparkour Since GNU Emacs can run vim, you're basically saying that vim is shit… jajajaj.

    Very cool video.

  3. fingers

    I didn't think this could really be useful but I have to give this a shot next time I need to edit video, I still haven't found a video editor I like 🙂

    Oh, the music is beautiful too.

  4. fingers

    I used to use vim for around two years and switched to emacs. Yes, vim is good, in some cases text twiddling is faster than in emacs. However, once you start to adapt the editor to the way you like to work (or I like to work), write extensive customizations, add plugins etc. Vim starts to get in the way and feel like it's cobbled together, whereas emacs stays coherent. I think it's because emacs is turtles all the way down.

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