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Google PIXEL 4a 5G Best Camera Tips and Tricks & Hidden Features!!

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In this video I go over the Google Pixel 4a 5G Best Camera Tips and Tricks & Hidden Features. Let me know in the comments section which Pixel 4a 5G Camera Tips and Tricks was your favorite one. Also let me know if you guys have any of your own favorite Camera Tips and Tricks for the Pixel 4a 5G to help out the community. Thanks for watching!

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. p4to

    saving this video. Thanks.
    I was also wondering if the led notification lights can be used on this phone?

  2. H. Acedo

    Does this have the Warm-Yellowish screen (when not in dark mode) ??
    I returned my pix-4a for that reason. Sadly it didn't have settings for the Cooler /Warmer screen tones, as Samsung.

  3. Paul Carter

    Many thanks for this video. Just bought my pixle so finding my way around. This helped me a great deal.

  4. lumpialife

    Great one! Haven't gotten my Pixel 4a 5g yet, but soon. Where are you storing photos/videos? SD card, internal storage, or Google photos? Does it give options for storage? Thanks! New sub!

  5. A A

    Hi, two things:
    This phone has issues uploading to reels on Insta, it's always file could not upload despite been a Syd video.
    Secondly videos taken, suddenly at times disappear for no reason?
    Any solution for the above

  6. Whitney G.

    Thank you so much! Just what we need to create great content! 🙂

  7. Bob Solomon

    Rare: this video delivers hudden tips! Quite clearly illustrated and described, too.

  8. Rio Vasay

    Thank You Thank You Thank You so much for doing this tutorial! This video really helped me a lot. Just got my 4a 5g but did not come with camera manual.

  9. helene r

    I have the pixel 4a 5G and I don't seem to have the ability to blur the background on a picture that was previously taken as you show at about 9:45 of your vid. When I do as you show it does not bring up the option of portrait so when I just hit adjust it also doesn't have blur. What's with that? Are you using a different app then the standard provided?

  10. Marketing plus

    Thank you. But my cam doesn't focus as good as pixel 2xl. Image comes out like ordinary pic

  11. Angelyn

    Nice tips you got there Lev! 💯

  12. Ftheod

    Great tips & nicely explained! Love my 4a5g!

  13. Derek Hou

    Great video, I just got the Pixel 4a 5G and I'll definitely be coming back to this in the future.

  14. Karen Taylor

    very useful – just what I needed to get more out of the camera

  15. Ingot mine the 15th and I like it so far my very first pixel I've ever had I got it finally because I switched to spectrum mobile from straight talk

    And I'm first

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