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Google Pixel 4a Tips Tricks & Hidden Features + Android 11 !!!

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Let me know in the comments section with was your favourite Google Pixel 4a Tip, Trick or Hidden feature.


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This Post Has 43 Comments

  1. Tishal Prag

    oh my word! thank you so much hayleigh, i managed to get one of the codes! i’m overwhelmed.😭😊i can’t even explain how happy i am.

  2. sathish kumar

    Hi how disable the mirror effect on front cam videos??can you tell me …

  3. AlexifeuLP

    Pixel 4a 5g is 380€ currently. I don't buy it, because it has a hole punch display. 🙁
    Don't worry, I have my Pixel 3a XL.

  4. Dizzy

    i just got this phone. its so nice and clean and simple and pretty. got the new light blue one

  5. gautam patel

    Nice video bat one off San coll recoding avebal in this phone Google pixel 4a

  6. Roland Sievers

    Sorry. Instead of shaking the phone why not just push the button that flips the cameras?

  7. Ashuj

    There is no face unlock?!

  8. Tintenfisch Fee

    I've already customized the background of my keyboard 6 years ago, that's quite the old feature but an awesome one. I guess many people do not know about it.

  9. Naresh Meena

    please think twice before buying a google pixel phone recently my pixel phone camera stop working after android 11 updates not even with me but also with all the pixel user if you guys don't believe in me then please go to the play store and see the review on google camera app all the reviewer has the same issue. and now they are saying that go to the service center and spend plenty of bucks on this phone while I know that this is not my fault then why I should spend my money.

  10. Sheikh

    Amazing presentation n way of describing

  11. Shiv Kachiwala

    You are such a vibe! Thank you so much for making this video! Great work!

  12. Danish Malik

    This is a well edited video. The transitions and effects are really good.

  13. christtgg

    What a great video!!! greets from Quito.


    *HELP! Anybody had this problem? (much less SOLVED it?)*
    My Google Pixel 3 main camera (NOT selfy-cam) will not focus to save my life (*UNLESS* the item is only 4-6 inches away; focus is LOCKED, somehow).

    Tried every camera app on my phone (office lens, open camera, the built-in camera app…) ; tried uninstalling & reinstalling; tried reverting/resetting/changing the settings; tried manual vs automatic photo mode… you name it! Tried starting phone in safe mode, restarting the phone like 50 times…
    Recharging the phone… The lens is not dirty; I have cleaned it.

    So the camera will literally focuses on an item that's about four to six inches away. But it will not focus anything further away it's all blurry. Ironically enough the selfie cam actually works still! at least there's that. But the other camera is supposed to be much better resolution… This is the main reason I even bought this darn phone in the first place. FYI: just got the camera in mint condition 3 MONTHS AGO. I have NOT done recent software/app upgrades/installs…

    !ayayay! Anybody had this problem? (much less SOLVED it?)

  15. Alhan Zabpitan

    Can you share the apk also via google drive please i beg you please

  16. Connor Tapley

    Regarding music on pixel phones, is there a music app to listen to the MP3 files? Unsure if there is or not.

  17. c m

    The accessibility of live captions is my favorite because it’s so unique and USEFUL for hard of hearing or deaf people. No other company (that I know of) has such seamless integration and consideration for people who need captioning assistance.

  18. c m

    I have one of these phones so I expected to know everything, but I still found some stuff! HAHA

  19. pvsk10

    I have been using most of these features like flip for a selfie, etc. for at least the last 2 Yrs on my Pixel 2.
    I was hoping to see more Pixel 4a only features.

  20. IThelp

    Loved your video. Subscribed.

  21. LongHuII

    I got some of the same things on my Moto

  22. Milton Sauer

    Thanks for all the tips. I had fun changing my wallpaper and keyboard colors!

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