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GoPro Hero 8 Black Beginners Guide & Tutorial | Getting Started

Here is my beginner’s guide and tutorial for the GoPro Hero 8 Black. This guide and tutorial is designed for those who have never used a GoPro and will help you understand the basics of the Hero 8 and get filming with your new GoPro quickly. Some of the topics we cover in this beginner’s guide.
-Unpacking Your Hero 8 Black.
-Mounting Basics
-How To Charge The GoPro Hero 8 Black
-Best Memory for a Hero 8 Black.
-Powering On/Off
-Hero 8 Black Setup
-Connecting To The Quik App.
-Menu Walkthrough
-Overview Of Basic Shooting Modes
-How To Use Hero 8 Black Voice Commands.
-Hero 8 Black Must-Have Accessories
This beginner guide will teach you how to get started with your GoPro Hero 8 Black even if you have no experience with a GoPro at all. We take things slow and go over every detail step by step right from taking it out of the packaging all the way to recording your very first video.

Hero 8 Black (USA)
Hero 8 Black (CAN)

Recommended Memory (USA)
Recommended Memory (CAN)

Hero 8 Dual Charger Kit (USA)
Hero 8 Dual Charger Kit (CAN)

Hero 8 Floaty (USA)
Hero 8 Floaty (CAN)

GoPro Shorty (USA)
GoPro Shorty (CAN)

GoPro Fusion/Max Grip (USA)
GoPro Fusion/Max Grip (CAN)

GoPro Casey (USA)
GoPro Casey (CAN)

Hero 8 Sleeve + Lanyard (USA)
Hero 8 Sleeve + Lanyard (CAN)

Protective Housing (USA)
Protective Housing (CAN)

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  1. tnx 🙂 learn more now then what the "gopro" man at one of the shops in my hometown …. But iam not sure yet,, 8 ore 9… just gonna use it when riding my motorcycle … hmm..

  2. I’m going to the Friends Experience in NYC next month and was looking into getting a go pro to record my trip to the city and the experience. Would a go pro be a good idea for that?

  3. I got this gadget and was utterly disappointed. I was looking to reduce backpack weight by replacing my Canon EOS with a Gopro 8. What a mistake, if you enjoy photography then stick to your camera. Gopro pictures are not up to par (if you are a photographer), the battery life is pathetic if you are looking at 2-3 day outings. You will have to manage your Gopro sooo much to save battery life that it becomes a major hinderance. I time wrapped a 15 minute walk, made 10 short movies (less that 20 seconds each) and took 58 pictures. All in all I stayed outside less than 2 hours and most of my battery was dead. The time wrap took almost 500Mb.
    This is a gadget for people who stay in town or are near a power source at all times (you can turn off all sorts of features to save battery life but that is lame). This does not replace a camera, this is not something you can bring on a 2-day outing. Your phone is better than this.
    Now, I enjoyed the Slow motion and the image stabilizer…that is it. Sorry I doubted you Canon EOS. You are heavy but sooo much better.

  4. Having trouble with taping my pool workouts. If I stand by the camera it stays if I swim away bythe time I return ths suctionhas failed where can I find a tutorial? Mike

  5. Thanks for making this video I just got my Hero 8 black today it’s my first GoPro and I’m planning on using it for my upcoming holiday.
    I can’t wait.
    The handle you mentioned for use in water! I can only find locally that says it fits hero 7 is it the same firmest or is that what that bracket is for?
    Thanks again I’ve learnt a lot from just this one video ??

  6. Comments or advice from anyone re voice control. It worked initially especially when I was watching this video. Now, it won't respond whether I say, "Go Pro take picture (or video)" or "Camera take picture/video." Yes, the icon is blue on the settings.

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