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GoPro Hero 9 Black Beginners Guide and Tutorial | Getting Started

Here is my beginner’s guide for the GoPro Hero 9 Black. This video tutorial is geared to those who have never used a GoPro before and takes you step by step through all the hardware and functionality of your new camera. We go over everything needed for a new user of the GoPro Hero 9 Black to get up and filming quickly. We cover topics such as “What Memory Is Best” to “Creating Custom Modes” and everything in between. This year I have broken down all the segments with easy to use chapter markers. This makes referencing the material at a later time a lot easier.

0:00 Start
0:39 Introduction
1:38 What’s Included In The Box
3:23 Overview Of Camera & Button Layout
4:32 How To Remove Front Lens
5:35 How To Mount Your Hero 9 Black
7:17 How To Charge The Hero 9 Black
9:49 What Type Of Memory Is Best For Hero 9 Black
11:13 Powering On & Initial Setup
13:10 Connecting Hero 9 Black To GoPro App
16:01 Menu & Filming Modes Overview
22:30 GoPro Digital Lenses (FOV) Explained
24:41 How To Create Custom Modes On Hero 9 Black
27:03 Three Ways To Capture Content
28:08 Hero 9 Black Voice Control & Commands
30:22 How To Preview Recorded Media On A GoPro
31:07 How To Use “HindSight” Feature on Hero 9 Black
33:09 How To Use “Scheduled Capture” On Hero 9 Black
34:22 Recommended GoPro Accessories For Beginners
39:42 Outro

Hero 9 Black (USA)
Hero 9 Black (CAN)

Recommended Memory (USA)
Recommended Memory (CAN)

Hero 9 Black Media Mod (USA)
Hero 9 Black Media Mod (CAN)

Hero 9 Black Dual Charger (USA)
Hero 9 Black Dual Charger (CAN)

Hero 9 Black Spare Battery (USA)
Hero 9 Black Spare Battery (CAN)

Hero 9 Black Protective Housing (USA)
Hero 9 Black Protective Housing (CAN)

Hero 9 Black Sleeve & Lanyard (USA)
Hero 9 Black Sleeve & Lanyard (CAN)

GoPro Shorty (USA)
GoPro Shorty (CAN)

GoPro Max Grip (USA)
GoPro Max Grip (CAN)

GoPro Casey (USA)
GoPro Casey (CAN)

GoPro Light Mod (USA)
GoPro Light Mod (CAN)

RavPower Power Bank (USA)
RavPower Power Bank (CAN)

Links may contain Amazon Associate or other affiliate ID’s. I will receive a small commission of any items purchased.

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  1. Thanks for this great video. One of the most comprohensive product guides i have seen. Just wondering if the scheduling function works with all types of capture. Especially timelapse as this is what i would mostly use it for.

  2. Just got a GoPro Hero 9! For some reason the quality is absolutely horrendous, even in cinematic mode (and in 6k) what can I do to fix it?

  3. Hi, I need to use my GoPro 9 i just received to stream Billiard matches. the go pro will be affixed overhead of the pool table. I do not necesarily need to live stream. I need to be able to put the video on YouTube as a whole video that may be 3 to 4 hours in length. I know with my GoPro 3+, when I transferred the videos from my GoPro to my computer, there are multiple video clips maxing out around 2GBs. I just want to be able to put a whole 4 hour video on youtube in the end and I can have a constant power source plugged into the GoPro 9. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  4. You are the man of men! I was getting so stressed with a different tutorial and then found yours. Now I’m happy and even set a custom mode. Looking forward to using the GoPro tomorrow. Thank you so much for your great tutorial!

  5. bought on 26th of March, updated software but the GPS doesn’t work. Frozen 3times and once forgot the Max lens mod… it seems to an unreliable prototype.
    The GPS is switched on camera but no telemetry when I watch the video on camera nor Iphone app nor GoPro Quick (Win 10),- "NO GPS DATA" msg.
    After 3-4 hours of trying, I just gave up. It’s a scam

  6. Nice beginner quick start guide. I watch your drone stuff so I chose your channel for the quick guide. Well explained. I plan on using this camera on the rotor riot version of the shen drones squirt V2 cinewhoop for nice stable cinematic shots..Also, im going to do some freestyle FPV and mount it to my skyeliner HD 5" freestyle quad. I went to sky-high FPV because they make those cool skullmounts ?for just about every drone design and whatever color and camera ? you have all optional for a custom setup. I will be watching some more of your stuff with the FPV and camera drones. Well done my friend

  7. when you were explaining the part about voice activated go pro I could hear all this beeping , when I went to computer screen my
    go pro was happily following your instructions ha ha as it was in front of the computer ! thanks for the instructions, helps a lot 🙂

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