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GoPro Video editing usind movie maker

How to edit your video footage and convert the file from MP4 using Windows movie maker. Sorry for the crappy video. These are the basics of getting your video off the camera and on the internet. They don’t cover this in the instructions with the camera.

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  1. Top video and for people who can't drag it into widows movie maker live,just go to you go-pro hero 3 video and copy then go into WMM live and click on the paste board and wait for it to upload,you chould see a little time bar once that fills your movie will be added,hope that helps someone as this video was really helped me because I wouldn't of thought of doing that until I watched this video,so big thumbs up.

  2. It's a pity, I still can't put my GoPro HD videos to Windows Movie Maker, until I converted the MP4 video into AVI format with Brorsoft Video Converter, which work as the best GoPro video converter.

  3. my windows is XP and my movie maker doesn't open the files mp4, i mean, it does not open the files (videos, because pictures it opens normally) from GroPro. I will try moving from GoPro directly to the movie maker, because saving it first on PC and after putting in the movie maker, it does not work!! thanks

  4. I put the file into the folder on the desk top but I can not drag it to drop. My system is saying it does not recognise/support. I looked around and even though I have the windows XP service pack 2.1 it still will not work. Going to stop for now and hopefully my son will look into it tomorrow. I have been messing with this around 7 hours now.

  5. Where are you putting the file once it comes off the camera ? I don't use quickpro. Just move it from the camera to a folder on my desktop. Then i drag and drop the video i want to edit into movie maker.

  6. I'm having no luck with movie maker, can't copy paste, capture etc etc. Also, it comes up in file quickpro, though I can view video in the Gopro format I can't move to movie maker and quick pro wants me to update then says I need to purchase but I already have it. aaarrrgggghhh

  7. Sorry – a bit of confusion. The new/different software's name is My Movie – Movie Maker (by MicroSoft).

    The one that didn't work for my GoPro mpeg4 files was Windows Movie Maker.

  8. I tried Movie Maker 2.6 and couldn't import as well. I tried going to MS to update it, but found no update. I downladed "Movie Maker" free from MS and am able to import the GoPro mpeg4 files. It's got some added features compared to Movie Maker (you can move captions overlaid on a clip, cleaner text, and more) but also has a few draw backs. 1 drawback is it doesn't have a slider to bias the audio between music/narration and the video's audio. I'm still learning the new editor.

  9. I had that problem once with a Sony camera. Had to download some codex or something. Never been a problem with the GoPro. Try updating/reinstalling movie maker ?

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