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GRAMMYs 2021: Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's Unforgettable WAP Performance

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion gave an unforgettable performance of ‘WAP’ at the 63rd annual GRAMMY Awards, which aired on CBS. Cardi and Megan immediately got social media talking, and everyone loved watching Post Malone bopping along while standing right offstage. The ‘Hot Girl Summer’ singer took home awards for Best New Artist and Best Rap Performance. Megan told ET before the show that she’s been talking about working with Beyoncé for so long that she must have ‘spoke that into existence.’


Exclusives from #ETonline :

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  1. Unforgettably,,,,,, awful. I guess stock trap beat , plus shallow, poorly executed lyrics equals a Grammy . Just the title WAP should eliminate it from any consideration.

  2. It's disgusting, that they allowed this scene during family hours, when there were kids watching the show, because they were waiting for the BTS guys.

  3. Everyone thinks it’s super weird The Grammys did that. It’s not cardis fault, they could’ve picked a better song for her to sing.. it pisses me off, she deserves more respect then The Grammys hiring her to perform wap!! They have Carti and Megan Thee Stallion scissoring on stage at the Grammys and that supposed to be OK?? It’s not. I love Cardi b but they should of never Had a performance like that at the Grammys and I really don’t understand why they did. No class whatsoever

  4. BTS cannot is not allowed to perform Korean Songs with meaningful lyrics and a brilliantly choreographed performance at the Grammys but WAP is allowed to be performed
    In which world are we living?!?!

  5. I understand the outrage about the performance. But why was everyone pissed off by the song? When male rappers or singers do the same, nobody's surprised.

  6. Do y'all remember the amazing stage presence actual artists had when they stepped on the Grammy stage? How you anticipated to see them perform and being blown away by the sheer talent? Yeah that's gone down the drain and the sad part is because the industry has allowed mediocrity to be awarded.

  7. "Unforgettable WAP Performance" – It's not every night you see two ex strippers scissoring on stage live on family tv programming and is being promoted by main stream media as some sort of women empowerment and "sex positive" (what ever the hell that sjw nonsense means).

  8. A total turn off….make me wana puke all over them….completely distasteful and a degradation to womanhood….do all the black community perform like that…yikes..these two are really like to maggits dancing on a rotten corpse….

  9. we teaching our girls to be queens in New Zealand and not feminising our males to suit a wicked agenda grammys gone to the pack lol was always in the satan pack wernt ya GRAMMYS…as for those poor women on stage being puppets feel for ya ladies…

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