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GRAMMYs 2021: Watch BTS’ EPIC Dynamite Performance

BTS recreates the GRAMMYs red carpet for an epic performance of their hit song ‘Dynamite.’ The K-Pop group is coming off a successful weekend after sweeping three Kids Choice Awards on Saturday. The 63rd GRAMMYs Award aired Sunday on CBS


Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 41 Comments

  1. TH

    No hate on Ari or Gaga tho! HATE ON ZE GRAMMYS THAT B**

  2. Archana Singh

    Did anyone else notice that Jungkook is hold Jimin's mic and Jimin is holding Jungkook's mic in the thumbnail

  3. Hannah 01

    They prepared for it the most and Armys waited for it the most but hell.. Grammy put them last to perform which makes me really mad and furious

  4. Noonya Kaleka

    You know what isn't going to get even 1/3 of 1 Billion views in 2021 – Rain on Me!

  5. Thomas Liu

    though i agree that dynamite should've won, ppl gotta stop being toxic kpop stans


    BTS don’t need Grammys they need BTS

  7. deadxne

    Can someone explain to me why people like bts..?

  8. PixelGaming

    I'm so sad the grammy's sorry the SCAMMY'S didn't give BTS the award!!! THEY DESERVE IT!!!!

  9. Ashwinaa

    The grammys is just racist. I said what i said.

  10. vou t

    They should have gone with their "MIC drop" song instead. Would have been a good answer to the whole ceremony

  11. "The Biggest Band in the World"??? Does any of their "Fans" maybe know what "Greatest Band" means?? What even "Music" means????!! This has become a Third World Market. Vomitive…The ex-honorable Grammy Ceremony is quickly showing its lack of credibility and worst, its own respect, nominating any garbage without any musical level, anti-musical Bands like this real repulsive decadent group of miserable puppets. Grammy is ontradicting the most basic and elementary premises of the Music universal concept. Regrettable and irremediable. A total lack of respect to the several thousands of true and respectable Musicians around the World.

  12. Sonia Lucio

    I love all the music that bts makes and the all the music videos

  13. Us

    Justice for Myanmar#17

  14. Sushma Waiba

    I love bts big fan bts frm nepal 😍😍😍😘😘😘

  15. Hailey

    where can i actually watch this performance?

  16. Aurora

    "BTS don't need grammy grammy needs BTS"! Period

  17. Pia Maalouf

    Y’all gave them only a 2 minute performance and even cut off some of the end …. fvck you 😩

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