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GRAMMYS 2021: Watch Doja Cat’s ELECTRIFYING Say So Performance

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Doja Cat took fans to the future with an electrifying performance of her smash single ‘Say So’ during the GRAMMYs, which aired Sunday on CBS. For the 25-year-old singer’s debut appearance at the GRAMMYs, she delivered impressive vocals and fierce choreography. ET spoke with Doja on the red carpet ahead of music’s biggest night, where she explained what it felt like to attend her first-ever GRAMMY Awards.


Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 48 Comments

  1. Benjamin Merkel

    In the performance she looks like the transformed version of that Fortnite anime character.

  2. Chill Vibes

    Ugh not say so again. She is TIRED of this. Juicy, Streets, Go to town. ANYTHING.

  3. Chima Ubabuike

    Anyone else wondering why she dressed up like widowmaker from Overwatch?

  4. Jay Lee

    This world is getting weirder and wickeder. Jesus come quickly.

  5. Ex Smith

    Billie elish won best new artist multiple times last year . Ever since they been kissing her ass she’s not that good

  6. Ex Smith

    She’s trying to move on from “say so” they should have let her perform “streets”

  7. Ex Smith

    Wow they just used her to perform . They still can’t get over Billie Elish!

  8. Queens and kings of immorality, awesome 👏 I use to support BLM, NO MORE AFTER THIS immorality on stage… 🤦🏻‍♀️I

  9. Keegan Joyner

    Why are people in the comments(more specifically in the replies)bashing Megan tbh y’all just sound bitter😐

  10. Mumma RissY

    They are really pushing the trans humanism movement. Lol

  11. Shawn Zamir FFXV

    She got a strong forehead. You know what that means fellas……😮🤢.

  12. Bella Milazzo

    Yes Doja cat deserved a Grammy but they r giving it to wet pu______y this and pu________y that those r clowns 🤡 the Grammy was good because of doja and the bee beside that it was trash 🗑 we need woman who really do right for our children not sl-ts

  13. jwulluz

    Am I the only one who thought of celty from durarara!! bc of the background dancers outfits?

  14. Jared O'Brien

    She deserved one Grammy like cmon on even more I think😕 she’s so unique. We haven’t had an artist like her in a while

  15. Matt M

    Y’all search Janet Jackson Feedback. Bad gal be referencing legend

  16. Lily

    the fact that she literally got famous off a cow rap

  17. José Pantoja

    She was great channeling Janet Jackson and her video Feedback, like many years ago.

  18. plarix

    for anyone who said she sung the worst, at least she didn't lip sing😌

  19. J W

    Omg we’re can I find the fuLl performance 😭😭😭

  20. okurr

    I thought i was watching some alien scorpions dancing

  21. Lost Moon

    I genuinely can't stand say so anymore that song has gotten on every last never of mine and there's no way she's not tired of that song either. The performance was great though i just wish it wasn't that song

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