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Green Screen photography for beginners

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Thank you to all our new subscribers!! 🙂

By using a simple plain background transform any photo you take to absolutely ANYTHING you want! Find out how to composite a new background into your shots with these simple steps for beginner photographers.

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This Post Has 25 Comments

  1. L R

    What Software you used?

  2. Just Wingin' It!

    How did you clean it up up around the hair?….I feel like I watched the entire video for you to skip over the part of fine tuning the green screen… lol help!

  3. Lukas Kalnik

    I don't know, the outcome doesn't look professional at all

  4. Ghazi

    how do i bring in my background

  5. Ghazi

    how do you get that background there I don't know how to insert background

  6. Ghazi

    i cant find the magic wand tool is there another way to access it?

  7. Mistah Standout

    How did you bring the background picture in when at first it wasn’t there?

  8. P UnSpokenPoet

    Is the photoshop used just a standard version or will I need a Deluxe/Pro version of photoshop to achieve this type of effect using a green screen?

  9. Cae Cae

    Is one better than the other( blue

  10. Marius Boss

    One Question: is it Hard to make a Video and in the Backround be Something else or do You have to do the Same thing for every frame of the video? Because you're moving and all? I hope its easy so i Dont have to edit too much when i become a YTB.

  11. V13G

    How is The editing software called

  12. Romy van vliet

    Nice video I subscribed it would be nice if you subscribe back 😁 👍

  13. #Gud Gainz

    So you used the brush tool with white for the foreground color to fine tune those green edges??

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