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Guide to Macro Photography Tips and Tricks for Beginners + Macro Photography Lighting Tutorial

Guide to Macro Photography Tips and Tricks for Beginners + Macro Photography Lighting using various equipment. My 13 best macro photography nature photos tips video to get you started giving a macro photography how to guide. This video talks mostly about nature macro photography (in my garden), specifically macro photography of flowers (and shows insects, bugs, mushrooms etc). –

I detail the sort of camera equipment needed (macro photography lens, extension tubes), best tripod for macro photography as some designs are better suited than others, macro photography lighting gear (diffusers, ring lights, led light panels, reflectors and flash for macro photography). I try to share all the information I’ve learnt over the years so that this macro photography guide can get you started. The video even includes macro photography water drop photos and tips to help create these. Although my focus here is on flower photography can you transfer the same skills to use for your own home macro photography ideas. Indoor macro photography at home is particularly enjoyable when the weather outside is not suitable. Personally I enjoy taking photos of my film cameras but watches can look great too. It is such a wide genre you can literally photograph anything and make cool images!

Macro gear list

– Clip On Macro Lens: (US) / (UK)
– Extension Tubes: (US) / (UK)
– Ring Flash: (US) / (UK)
– Portable LED Video Light: (US) / (UK)
– Small Speedlight: (US) / (UK) /
– Macro Lens: (US) / (UK)
– Tripod for Macro: (US) / (UK)

Most macro photography gear can be used for portraits and other photography genre too. I often use macro lenses on my Nikon film cameras and the Tokina 100mm f2.8 is excellent –


My Recommended Essentials Kit List (Basics) (What I Use) –

For Video:
– Main Vlogging Camera – (UK) / (US)
– Action Camera – (UK) / (US)
– Main Vlogging Lens – (UK) / (US)
– Vlogging Mic – (UK) (US)
– Variable ND Filter – (UK) / (US)
– Creative LED Video Light (RGB) – (UK) / (US)
– Main LED Video Light (Bi-colour) – (UK) / (US)

For Photography:
– Main Digital Camera – (UK) / (US)
– Backup Digital Camera – (UK) / (US)
– Mini Speedlight – (UK) / (US)
– High Power Speedlight – (UK) / (US)

Camera Bags:
– Main (Large) – (UK) / (US)
– Active Backpack (Mid Size) – (UK) / (US)
– Walkabout/ Street (Small) – (UK) / (US)

(I will try to add more of my gear when I get time)


Where to find me –

Instagram: (Fashion)
Instagram: (Weddings)
Facebook Profile:
Wedding Blog:

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  1. I really enjoy seeing macro, so I decided to try the Sigma 105mm macro on the CL. Also threading on a Marumi +5. It’s definitely going to take practice. Thanks for the tips.

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