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HDR Photography – Photoshop Tutorial

A concise explanation of HDR (High Dynamic Range) , and a very easy and fast HDR technique using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015: How to Make Your Raw Files Pop and Wow:

Check out more of Seraphine’s videos on her own Channel:

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  1. I know this is an old video but it popped up on my recommended. This was so helpful. You're almost intimidating knowledgeable (meant as a compliment). I just subscribed. Thank you young lady.

  2. Novita you are so far ahead of me that I think I should sell my gear and give up on photoshop altogether. I will never know one tenth of what you know. It seems you have to be a genius anymore to even think about getting into photography. Each move you made on the photo could be a complete tutorial in itself. For example I had to look up what rasterize even meant and I still didn't see how it applied to what you were doing. I thought it had something to do with vectors, whatever they are. Well I guess I have displayed my ignorance enough. Keep up the amazing work Novita and I will try not to be too depressed.

  3. Nice one. It s nothing new to me . Been doing it for quite some time. But I like the way you presented it.
    Good mix of theory and praxis. And nice level detail.
    Though I do have to admit that your sharpening technic felt new to me. (Or maybe I have forgotten) I know of a similar one using the high pass filter… But apply image with subtract…. Gonna try it

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