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Headshot photography lighting tips and tricks using the Profoto B10

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Headshot photography lighting tips and tricks using the Profoto B10

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How many lights do you use to create the perfect headshot? 1? or 6? or more?

In this video, I will show you how to quickly build up from one light to six different lights. We are using the Profoto B10 and Profoto B10Plus for these images. I will be showing you straight out of camera images with no editing at all.

// My Everyday Gear //

Camera Equipment //

Canon EOS-R //
Canon RF70-200 //
Canon RF85 f1.2 //
Canon RF50 f1.2 //
Canon RF28-70 f2.0 //
Canon RF15-35 f2.8 //
Canon LPE6N Battery //

Lighting //

Profoto Air Remote Trigger //
Profoto Connect Trigger //
Profoto A1 //
Profoto A1X //
Profoto B1 //
Profoto B10 //
Profoto B10Plus //
Westcott Solix Video Lighting //

Light Stands //

Avenger Baby Light Stand //
Avenger C-Stand //
Avenger Roller Stand //
Manfrotto Nano Stand //
Manfrotto Tilt Head //
Manfrotto Monopod //

Modifiers //
*=Personal Fav

*Westcott Eyelighter 2 //
*Westcott Rapid Box Switch Octa-L //
*Westcott Rapid-Box Light Modifiers //
Westcott Switch Inserts (use any light source) //
Westcott Rapid-Box Switch //
*Profoto 5ft Octa //
Profoto 24in OCF Beauty Dish Silver //
Profoto Softlight Reflector //

Misc //

Weight Bag //

Educational Links //

Grow Your Photography Business –
Hands-On Photography Education –
FREE Photography Magazine –

Follow Me //

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This Post Has 36 Comments

  1. Richard Bradbury

    1-3 lights myself.

    Corporate work I use one and a reflector or add lights if they want a white background which is done either by placing a large softbox behind them or by using 2 lights on a white seamless roll.

  2. James Caprio

    I watch your videos almost every day and learn so much. I started doing head shots and this is the first time they are coming out of camera almost perfect. YOU ARE "THE SHIT"!

  3. James Caprio

    What would you say is the best lens for doing head shots, I have been using my 70 to 200 2.8 for most of mine.

  4. f0t0b0y

    She looks more attractive in the natural light in the video.

  5. Johnny Carroll

    Great video. As an exercise I followed along step by step with my gear. One question: Do you single or double diffuse the strip banks? Is double diffusing redundant? Thanks!

  6. 8 8

    On 1min.30sec video i subscribed on you and set bells on. First video i see on this Chanel! Thank you sir!

  7. Sal, I love you & this explanation. So simple and EZ to follow. I would love to see how this would work outside in natural light using strobes. I just can’t get it right with the balance. Thank you 😘 two light, plus a reflector.

  8. You're my new fav person in America..well next to Gov.Cuomo lol..thank you for this video..from me and my friends 💘

  9. The Fabulator

    Three… One as key and two for white background, or one as key, one as highlight on a grey backdrop and one as hair light.

  10. Isaac

    Hi Sal, I came across your page while researching Profoto lights. You've just earned an instant subscriber! Love how you explain the process.

  11. Briana Sealy

    Wow absolutely great! 👍🏼 Such a nice straight to the point explanation! And omg I LOVE the “Season to taste” saying you should SO make shirts that say that (if you haven’t already) haha

  12. The Pro

    The model has beautiful hair. She could rock a bob with bangs. Not many women can pull that off. Oh . . . and liked how you expressed different lighting moods for different people's needs.

  13. Karan Arora

    In the very first setup, how did you manage to take it without ANY shadow in the backdrop at all? Would love to know, struggling with shadows on background

  14. KCR

    Model helping you with a light setup, that's new. Impressive.

  15. Kymora Jaxson

    Yesssss yesssss. Loving This. Doing this for my client today. Clam Shell ❤️

  16. Ben Tolosa

    Excellent tutorial Sal! I typically use a 36 inch beauty dish close the camera slightly right and two narrow softboxes on each side behind the subject. And sometimes I add a fourth strobe behind the subject to light the background. I use Paul C. Buff strobes but I wish I could use these amazing Profoto strobes. I love your teaching Sal! 🏆

  17. Pratik Titkare

    Great video.. thank you for sharing your knowledge here. I use one light and some times two also. Instagram id : @maddygraphy_portrait
    Currently i am using digital background.

  18. Janice Rucinski

    Interesting that through all the tests of high and low light, flashes would fire. But when you shot the subject with both lights neither flashes fired and yet delivered a quality photo. Also at about 10:53 in was a beauty dish/constant light added as it appears there is extra lighting on her prior to you taking the shot?

  19. Linda Allen

    Great video! Love your teaching style and just subscribed to your channel. Keep up the good work!

  20. Dan Browning

    Hey Sal, I looked for the shorty lightstand in your comments but I don't see it.

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