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Hoosier Safari: Indiana Wildlife Photography & My Top 3 Tips for Beginners

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In “Hoosier Safari”, I chase sandhill cranes across the state of Indiana, from the Jasper-Pulaski to the Goose Pond FWAs, during their southward migration. Besides video of the cranes and other wildlife, I use images from the last ten years of my catalog (successes and failures) to share lessons I’ve learned in my pursuit of elevating mere technically competent wildlife captures to thoughtful, impactful images.

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As of this video release, Senate Bill 389 is passed through the Indiana Senate and en route to the House. About Indiana Senate Bill 389 (i.e., the thing that pops up on Google if you just search “Indiana Senate Bill”):
“Mythbusting Sentate Bill 389”:

Information about Goose Pond FWA:
On habitat:
“Restoring Indiana’s Wetlands” (FANTASTIC production):
“Welcome” video (Indiana DNR):
Give to Friends of Goose Pond and learn about 2021’s “Virtual Marsh Madness” (March 2021):

“A Great Migration”: Interview with Jasper-Pulaski FWA Property Manager Jim Bergens

Building bird feeder perches:

This lecture on bird photography has been a great resource over the years, and some of the information presented (particularly regarding bird wing poses) was referenced in my video:

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  1. Paul Baechtold

    Fellow wildlife and landscape photorapher based in Bloomington. Goose Pond is a true gem. I'm actually heading over there tomorrow in search of shorebirds and waterfowl and will do some landscapes at Greene-Sullivan State Forest. Cheers!

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