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How do I make the shake effect on Kinemaster | Tutorial EXE

arigatou gozaimasu KINEMASTER .


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This Post Has 23 Comments

  1. Wait, i was impressed with your shaking effect… So i thought you would not tell us… So i just search… And this video 🥰😍 love you cora zn 😃

  2. Instah Plays ML

    Hoping soon someone will recognize and appreciate my Ruby Gameplay and other hardworking creators. Keep safe everyone, Godbless us all. Thank you. Shout out sa mga Ruby user jan.,.,.,.,

  3. a k

    semangat bwang 👍🏻

  4. At like 4:49 when he did the dots thing and put it everywhere etc, I did that same but not shake effect, and I added motion blur

  5. Gold BMGO

    Editing is not easy,you just need to learn from this guy :v

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