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How I Edit Photos | Lightroom & Photoshop Tutorial


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Here’s how I edited an image of the world famous Halstatt. I didn’t have much to work with in the way of cloud, so I composited three images together using LightRoom and Photoshop.

Any questions let me know 🙂

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Panasonic G9:
Panasonic G80/G85:
Panasonic 12-35 2.8 II:
Panasonic 35-100 2.8 II:
Panasonic 20mm:
DJI Mavic Air:
Polar Pro filters:
Canon G9X:
Big Tripod:
Little Tripod:
Video/selfie tripod:
Messenger Bag (Sandstone):
Red camera strap:
Shotgun Mic:
Mic stand:
Hard Drives:
Video Lights:
Small video Light:
Tiny Softbox:
Lav Mic:

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  1. Right, I've a photo of a headland (Hag's Head, Co. Clare, IE) on my Instagram ( and I like it, but I could make it better methinks. I want to remove a bit of ground on the side of the photo and replace it with water to make it more symmetrical. I tried a few things on photoshop but it doesn't wanna work out for me. Any tips?

  2. Hey I know this video is two years old and you might know by now but you can alt click on the layer mask itself and it'll bring up a black and white large preview of what is and isn't masked so you can more precisely delete the random imperfections to make sure you got every one.

  3. Seen the photo and immediately knew it was in my country, have been there once in my life and now just started photography. Totally struck me that this would be a great place to visit soon!

  4. Are you still using a laptop like this? I can help you out building a pc rig that is much more suited for heavy software and batch processing; but most importantly picking a larger monitor with a great resolution and colour accuracy. Not just for editing precisely, I'm not so anal about that but it truly is a blessing with a nice monitor for viewing your own captures and enjoy your own work

  5. Bit late to the party here, buuut can't help but notice you got away with calling us all 'idiot!'s.

    lol at least that's how I read it (@15sec).

    Love your content my dude, if ever in South FL (unlikely but hey stranger things have happened) would love to buy you a beer!

  6. Just seen this, sorry mate but its the very first clip of yours I found technically "interesting" but for me the final product is far too "manipulated" – its lost its fundamental honesty and become a scientific image not a photographic or artistic image. That one crossed the line for me and I'm def not a purist. I think selling it is a bit naughty to be honest. Anyways, you are always worth a watch, so keep on doing what you do James – I will happily keep on watching.

  7. I did not understand anything about on or for sale, but looking at your picture which was not on sale anymore (you said a week, not a year :P) I saw your book. So finding anything to spend my euro's on, I decided it will be the book then. Before you leave our EU and I have to pay import-penalties. Or whatever it is called in English.

  8. Love the creativity of PS. I feel like 10 different photographers would have got the same result from those shots 10 different ways. Thats not how i would have done it. Thanks for opening my eyes to possibilities

  9. My head is now fried – dude how or why does creating a new channel and then increasing all the contrast an loading the channel as a selection then cause all of that marching ants around the top section?!?! An how the heck does then going back to that sky image and giving it a layer mask cause that sky to be imported!?? if you could reply id appreciate it as my head is fried lol.

  10. You need to use a gaming computer James, like an Alienware, not a crappy Mac computer, LOL. When I'm sorting my photos out, or editing videos, it's like mine is still resting and mine is 6 years old now.

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