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How to Become an Amazing LEGO Photographer! (Best Tips for Beginners)

Hey Guys! This was a video requested by a lot of people, so here it is is! I hope you find this helpful and enjoy!

Please remember to Like and Subscribe for more content 🙂 Also, I have a big new announcement video coming soon, so be on the lookout for that ;D

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This Post Has 20 Comments

  1. Brickopotamus

    Leave a like and subscribe for more! Also please ask any further questions if you have them!

  2. I think I'm gonna start do Lego photography I hope that it'll help my thumbnails and vids etc.

  3. LWSA Productions

    Awesome video! I just realized I haven't subscribed yet!! Now you are 1 sub closer to 150!

  4. C1sStudios

    “I’m up on the roof right now”…
    Now THERE’S a spot I haven’t tried just yet. (Probably can’t cause I have a freakishly tall house tho…will have to fix that XP)

    Great video btw! ? For beginners for sure, but an awesome intro for those just starting. (‘Specially all the wannbe’s on LL, who from what I know quite a few have checked this out. ;D)
    Quick question: Can the camera you use videotape, or were you just using something else somehow someway?)

  5. Melia Hsu

    your dog is so stinkin’ adorable! goldens are so cute :3 anyway awesome video! i’ve been using my mom’s camera recently and it’s improved my photography by a TON. i like seeing how you take photos tho! i feel like everyone on LL wants to know XD

    what do you use for editing? i’ve been using filter and editing apps on my phone and they turn out pretty good but i’m wondering what you use.

  6. Brickosaur

    "I don't think anyone knew, but I actually have a Golden Retriever puppy…ruins a good amount of photos."
    I would agree with you on that one, but I don't have a puppy. Sad…..but at least I now know that puppies ruin good amounts of photos 😛 (Also, your puppy's REALLY cute BTW ;D Goldens are one of my favorite breeds.)

  7. Gabriel Bayer

    You've inspired me to start my own youtube channel. Thanks Brickoppotamus!

  8. Robonut 03

    Hey Brickopotamus! This is AHB from LL. Great video!

  9. National Ninja

    Loved the video! Really helpful. I’ll remember theses tips next time I take photos outside!

    (Your puppy is really cute by the way! ?)

  10. 2by4 productions

    Thanks for making this! I have been into LEGO photography lately because quarantine.

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