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How to Change a Background in Photoshop

Get the source files for this episode here:

In this episode I show you how to change the background of an image with Photoshop.

In this Photoshop tutorial, I show you how outline and extract a subject, replace the background and then make them blend nicely.

Photoshop makes it fast and easy to change a background.

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This Post Has 41 Comments

  1. Rodrigo Teixeira

    Kelvin I can only thank you for your uploads. Since I started following you I really come to realize how much I still have to develop my skills in the "detail department". I sincerely wish for you to enlarge your subscribers numbers because this channel deserves. You definitely have great skills and an awesome way to teach them.
    Thank you, and please make more vídeos of this kind because I'm addicted to them 😉 .

  2. David Vongrad

    Disappointed to say the least. The highlight on the forehead where it meets the hair is ridiculous for one thing, ignoring the fly-away hair is another. There are far better sources on here that show how to change the background without all the fluff.

  3. alexandra grima

    Thank you, the way you teach is really informative and you are so calm explaining. Taking photoshop and lightroom up…….learning slowly but know that in the near future with your courses and tutorials i will surely get to the level of experimenting.

  4. Julia Helton

    His voice is super annoying. Couldn't finish the lesson. He needs to practice on his public speaking.

  5. Kelly Blueberry

    Why can't you give windows directions too? Not everyone has MAC.

  6. Kelly Blueberry

    I hate the quick selection tool. It never comes close.. It always cuts my hair off so much that I want to pull my hair out!

  7. Victoria

    this too fast for me as a beginner, but its an awesome tutorial! I'm so excited to know this someday,thank you!

  8. Nicole Packham

    Dude- you make ZERO sense to a novice. You don't even explain what tools you're picking! You do it so quickly! Im an intelligent person who can pick up on things quickly. But not if someone is mumbling and flying through the ACTUAL INFORMATION. C'mon man. This is a joke.

  9. AsianKoi

    it dose not take 40 min just to tell me how to add a background

  10. Tea Blazevic

    Is there some option to change background on jpg photos? 😭 I have some photos on mobilephone and want to change on some of them background…thank you

  11. Ti Goe

    BEST TUTORIAL EVER! <3 thank you so much for sharing your knowledge

  12. Miles Spearman

    Kevin thank you so much for this fantastic video! I was wondering. If you wanted to make a gif/video that showed the ballerina at all four angles would you know how to do that?

  13. Adrian Hextall

    Tried this yesterday for the first time , merging a plane with a sky background (instead of the hanger roof) and thanks to this video I got it to work and give me a blue sky image with a flying plane plus lens flare off the edge of the wingtip. Tough video to follow (as a beginner) BUT that's why the pause button exists. Do a little. Watch a little, do some more.. I need to repeat the exercise several times to understand the nuances but I'm getting there…. thank you !!

  14. morgan taylor

    Ive been doing using photoshop for 4 years and this is by far the worst tutorial ever

  15. Ruby Yu

    Hi kelvin , this is a very cool photo for me . Taking me to the next level of learning.

  16. Susanna Weiss

    After reading some of the other comments, you might have reached one of your goals: to impress the hell out of us beginners and semi-beginners. But this is not what a tutorial is supposed to accomplish, is it? – Please slow down, explain what drop-down menu you open, where you pick up what and why and – again – all at a much slower pace. You are so good – but you are blowing it over our heads!

  17. Leper Lord

    Hey mate i am subbed in

    Great stuff here

    Do you have some youtube vids on your brushes/presets?

    i am interested,but the very brief and fast ads on facebook do not help me make a decision


  18. U Know

    Bro, not knocking your teaching skills but your best bet would've been to do a time lapse video explaining everything in text. Probably would've gotten more views in a smaller amount of time.

  19. Nv

    Nigga you just said and diss and diss and also diss

  20. roy marten

    I used to be one of the subscribers but after I took your free course for 1 hour it seems like you only tell your background, after that I canceled. What they taught too quickly, do they think we have basic photography and sometimes they explain to use of keyboard tools which we don't understand and sometimes our systems are different, for example we use windows but presenters use mac…..did u check 80% comment said you teach to fast and only 20% make you happy…..just think of how you teach basic photography to your children. …. if you want to build your business, how should you be able to educate us from the basics and later you will get unlimited followers


    not helpful… Your videos are not meant for beginners

  22. rociscool

    Doesnt take that long. 5-10 minutes at most

  23. Marie Van Hecke

    you say that you select everything around her but i see you selecting her..

  24. FFF Trucking

    obviously this is for advanced users…he is not explaining in details…like if i didn't know photoshop i would be clueless

  25. Very boring….simply repeating repeating Not only wasted your time but also the viewers. Be concise and up to the point.


    Like and subscribe to my channel now and I will subscribe back to you.

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