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How to Convert Raster Image into Vector in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to convert any Raster image into vector image using only Photoshop in easy-to-follow steps. At the end of this tutorial with the same technique, you’ll find an extra tip that helps you to convert any raster logo into a vector logo in no time.


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This Post Has 23 Comments

  1. which is the best way to save it to preserv the vector image to print? jpg or png pixelated the image, any advice? thanks

  2. sophiesteddy

    Would u pls tell me why did u apply the pathfinder? I can't get out of that

  3. Seqw00

    why i still have pixels? i do everything, step by step and i still have pixels 🙁


    I have a question :,O
    what version of Photo shop are u using?
    I have tried with CS6 But it dont have some features available T – T

  5. Yoav Yahav

    Hi, great video!!
    I have a question – Can I somehow make it a smart layers and not do the process every time? Please help. Thanks!

  6. Felicia Morin

    This was such an amazing tutorial! Never thought to do this in photoshop, Thank you for your expertise!


    Very nice tutorial. The result is actually better than what I was looking for XD

  8. Soumita Das

    Will it work for t-shirts? Cause t-shirts needs large and prominent images

  9. Doan Khanh

    I don't know how to copy the path in Pts to vector in AI, please help me, thank you

  10. vanessa gutierrez

    I get to the finals steps and now I’m stuck. I hit Ctrl + T and my dots do not pop up to zoom in and check everything. I’m not sure why. I followed everything in the video ands it’s worked till this part. Help

  11. ChrisKaosMusic

    How do you make the white part transparent so it will match any color shirt you put it on?

  12. T C

    Damn, all that just to get a logo…ffuuuuhhhhhh

  13. Tina Sparks

    Hello ! Could you help me please? Everything goes okay till min 5:13 . I do everything as you do, but in the end it doesn't automatically convert into a vector layer. Where is the problem ?

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