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How to Create Easy Social Media Post Template in Photoshop – Photoshop Tutorials

in this video I will show you on how to create easy social media post templates in photoshop. Download all of the material on the link below.


Download Material:

Social Media Post Template 1.PSD :

Social Media Post Template 2.PSD :

Social Media Post Template 3.PSD :

Adobe Photoshop :

– – –


Free All Tutorial Project. psd file:

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  1. I thought you gonna show how to do it instead of just showing off what you doing. Had no idea wtf was going on and can't see sh!t

  2. I can't thank you enough for this tutorial. I've been looking everywhere for this kind of photoshop tutorial so I can make my own social media graphic design from scratch without using Canva or any other graphic design platform. I finally did one from scratch!!!

  3. I downloaded the brushes and the trace of them show up but they don't actually show up on my when I click the brush in place on my photo. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Your videos is so spontaneous and helpful… I am Textile Digitalprint Desiger also try to do some contribution to our society and students to help fresher and Biginers designer for Textile Digital print Designing in HINDI..
    If anyone need help ask me anything…Thnk You?
    keep doing sir lots of love…

  5. I just loved your work. However, as a novice in designing myself, I am having trouble positioning the brushes. I just can't make a nice post while experimenting with the positions of the brushes. How did you know that the places you brushed are the best ones?

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